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  1. This is my most recent attempt at low stress training. Plant has been topped and everything has been grown to be as flat as possible. Lots of light exposure for main bud sites! What do you think? Hopefully it works out for me, only time I’ll tell!

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    Short but wide, hopefully this will increase bud size as I’ve trimmed most other bud sites that don’t get as much light.
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  3. That looks great. Plenty of bud sites and a nice even canopy. You will have a bountiful harvest my friend.
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  4. Great job, man! Could you tell us what you used to grow, what kind of light, what fed you, I think it will be useful for everyone. Since you do not often see a really perfect job. Or is it a secret? :ph34r:
  5. Absolutely! I’m new to the scene, this is my third grow and I’ve done hours and hours of research so far, this site is SO useful and there are so many people here with a ton of knowledge.

    I’m growing in a coco/perlite mix under a 600 watt viparspectra light. I’ve been feeding with the general hydroponics three part system. I found a feeding chart online that I’m following pretty closely. Feeding ever night to about 20% run off. I’ve found that she likes the water ph’d to around 6.

    I topped it when it was about 6” tall then started the LST with soft wire ties and bamboo BBQ skewers. Leaving the plant in a wooden stand like I’m using really makes things easier. You can put hooks where you like to keep tying down the branches that are growing taller than others.

    I trimmed off all budsites that would not be great producer. Basically anything under the main canopy got pruned off. Even the lower budsites on the main budsites have been cut back to a point. The only parts that remain are the ones that will get maximum light exposure.

    If there’s anything else I can help with zimmerhat let me know! I’m just trying to use the things I’ve learned along the way to have a good grow, there should be no secrets in the grow community, we’re all here for the same reason!

    Happy growing!!
  6. Looks good man! I like how you have your runoff trays setup that is cool.
  7. Thanks! It was getting to be a pain taking the plant out of the tent each time to water. This also makes LST much easier as you can put your hooks where ever you like! Originally I was feeding all my plants over an old refridgerator shelf that was on top of my laundry sink. Such a pain in the ass!

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  8. Lol mine go into the shower with a tote lid until my next grow. Going to invest in good pots and some saucers.
  9. Whatever works! I was trying the saucers before my little stand and found that they offer flow often if you overfill. I’d try some sort of plastic container that can hold the volume of run off. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as it gets the job done!
  10. Walmart sells both of the things in the pic, and they work perfectly. You can remove the basin without disturbing the plant.
  11. Brilliant!! Thanks!
  12. So the pH level is 6, not quite comfortably for a growing plant or is it not? What soil do you use? How do you feed the soil? How much power does your fan cost? What light cycles do you use during cultivation and during what period do you change them?
  13. I’m growing in coco coir, so it’s baisically fed daily through nutrients that have been mixed with water as the coco has no nutrients in it alone. They say the ph range for coco is something like 5.9-6.5 or something like that, I just found my plant is happiest being fed at a ph of 6. I’ve been growing my plant for about 2 months with a 18/6 light schedule, meaning 18hours the lights are on and off for 6 hours. I recently changed my light cycle to 12/12 which will trigger the plant to flower, I based this decision on the fact that sometimes during flower your plant can grow two to three times the size and I’m limited for height in the tent I’m using. I’m not to sure about the power consumption of all my equipment but it was low enough I didn’t see a big jump in my hydro bills.

    Hope this helps!

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