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  1. Bush Administration Proposes FEC and IRS Rules in Attack on Free Speech
    February 5, 2004

    Two Bush administration agencies are considering new rules that could prevent the Drug Policy Alliance and other advocacy groups from communicating with their supporters about the political actions of federal officials who are up for re-election. These proposals represent one of the worst assaults on the freedom of speech and association ever proposed in the United States.

    The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposals would serve to provide those Members of Congress running for re-election with a green light to introduce and pass harmful drug policies right before election day. The proposals would restrict the Alliance's ability to run advertisements in a newspaper or send out emails alerting you to the actions of Congress. The proposed rulings are vague in that they do not clearly state exactly which communications would be prohibited. This would allow the federal government to selectively enforce the rule in order to clamp down on any speech or advertising it doesn't agree with.

    Even though the Drug Policy Alliance does not endorse or oppose specific candidates for public office, the proposed IRS and FEC actions would hamper our efforts to contact fellow reformers about drug war laws pushed through Congress by officials up for election or about the drug policy stances of candidates. The proposals would permit any member of Congress to push their legislation into law without hearing the voice of the American people.

    An essential part of the Alliance's work is to keep fellow reformers informed about the actions and votes of elected officials. The FEC and IRS proposals would severely limit our ability to do this. If these proposals are adopted, we and other nonprofit advocacy groups may no longer be able to contact our supporters.

    The Alliance is formulating a response to the proposals. Check back at the Alliance website to see how you can help us put a stop to these controversial Bush administration proposals that would severely hamper our ability to communicate urgent drug policy reform messages to you in the future.
  2. Go to

    to fax your senators and representatives and stop this!

    Just fill out your name and address and send, it only takes less than a minute!!

    And don't worry about the government getting on your ass for this -- they cannot in any way punish you for this.

    Of course, they'll have a lot easier time if stuff like this gets passed!

  3. I sent that!

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