ATTACK of the miniature pieces

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by tokemaster24, May 12, 2011.

  1. Perfect for the car. Cheap pieces so I dont care if they break. Both rip for the price.

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  2. where are you from in south florida ?

    nice pieces, btw :)
  3. looks just like the bowl i used at the roger waters concert in november ;)
  4. im down in miami. where you at? and thanks

  5. haha nice
  6. Love the bong

  7. thanks man.
  8. haha sweet minis man. one of the smallest sliders i've seen

  9. thanks man. yeah its really small. singed my hair atleast 3 times haha
  10. Haha that bong's adorable.

    Nice pick up my friend ;)

  11. thanks bro
  12. are you a dwarf??
  13. im sure that little glass pipe is a good one hitter and could be very discreet. nice glass dude! :D

  14. i have more pieces haha. no im not. actually far from it :D

  15. you got that right. :smoke:
  16. whenever i go to music festivals/raves in canada i always buy cheap pieces to throw out before the border ;)

  17. haha nice man
  18. So cute <3 I want them. xD

  19. haha yeah theyre fun

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