Attack of the lady bugs

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  1. Idk why this is so crazy to me but I'm laying in bed just finished smoking and I look up to the ceiling cause I saw something moving, I got a lil freaked cause I thought it was a spider. Well it was a lady bug and I was like whatever it's a lady bug I'm not worried about it. Well I was watching it and shining my flash light on it and it started walking down the wall. I noticed 10 more fucking lady bugs on my ceiling and I was like wtf lady bug infestation, so I started peeling lady bugs off the ceiling and throwing them outside. Well I laid back down after putting them back outside. I felt something crawl on me I screamed and scared fuck out of my bf and my dogs and yelled extremely loud fucking lady bugs!!!! I got scared... Lmao

    Dumb story but I thought it was funny.

    Attack of the lady bugs

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  2. Lol, much better than a cockroach infestation.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. At least it wasn't roaches. They are nasty!
  4. I got my kitty on a mission he is having himself fun lil killing spree

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  5. Ladybugs are maybe the least pesty bug lol
    I had stinkbug invasions the last 2 years. Those things are the fucking worst.

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  6. pics or it didn't happen
  7. Lol speaking of cats, a cat that my family had when I was younger (5-6 years old) was a savior from this huge ass roach. I was laying down on the floor (supposedly, my parents was getting a new bed for me since it broke) and a huge ass roach came crawling by me. I screamed and the cat named Jazzy ate the roach. Haha.
  8. I can't post a pic I'm sorry but it really happened, please believe me hahaha

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  9. And why not? Its not like the damn ceiling animals give a shit
  10. Actually I did take a picture but sometimes my phone won't let me upload a pic it's fucking gay. I restarted the app and shit and it still won't work. I don't want to reset my phone with the possibility of it not working then either.

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  11. Here's one lol I hope it's good enough for u

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    omg i had a cat named jazz!
  13. That's only one lady bug lol
  14. :O a coincidence. That's cool. My cat was white with orange stripes.
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    mine was a grey tabby!
    actually it was jasmine but we always called her jazz or jazzy. 
  16. Me and a buddy took one of those bags of sleeping ladybugs and put them in another friend of ours car. Well when he went to school in the morning he had like 3000 bugs flying around in his car. Man do I miss being young.

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  17. Awwwwwww!
  18. My cat has dreads. His name is jake and he loves pot 🙀
  19. My wife got me 150 ladybugs off amazon for my grow for pest control. Well I got real high one night and forgot to seal it and the next day,.... Well let's just say they're part of the family now.

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