Atomizer Nozzle Diagnostics

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  1. Has anyone ever stumbled across atomizer nozzles/heads that have electronic components in them to send clog diagnostics to software or activate an analog signal? This would probably come from a scientific laboratory parts manufacturer for research or commercial systems, but I've been unsuccessful in locating one on the internet.

    It seems unlikely that I will find diagnostic electronics that are linked to software, and more likely that there is something out there with just an analog signal (hopefully variable). My end-goal is to link the analog signal to a microprocessor system that sends a data packet (containing the nozzle location, inferred by the signal fluctuation) to PC software via a serial port, which would then be picked up by software and stored in a text file that is picked up by my web server and its application - my web system will then generate an email notice if it finds this data in the text file. The end practical result is that for this part of my system's automation, if one of the nozzles becomes clogged while I'm away or on vacation I can be made aware of it. I can setup everything if I just have the variable analog signal being generated from some kind of nozzle or nozzle controller. I imagine large greenhouses must have this kind of technology.

    Thank you in advance for anyone that could point me in the right direction.
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  2. DWC is much less prone to failure, skip that aeroponic stuff and click the bottom link in my sig ;)

    then set up a web cam hosted from your house with an SSL site + login /password so you can check visualy on the plants ( that should be all you need for a good automated set up)
    if you have one of those resivore PPH / PH meters set up and some way to see if your air pumps and water pump are still running ( simple LEDs should take care of this) plus your regular RH and temp gauges, you should be able to remotely monitor easily for long periods of time, espeicaly if you can hook up a system to move your lights up and down remotely also (shouldnt be to hard with something like PC anywhere ) i bet you could go a month or more with a big enough resivoir
  3. What's an atomizer?

    if ever you have a question in life. ask google first, for he is a very wise man.. err, web page.

    I've run my ultra sonic foggers for around 7 months before one failed. I bet they have a lot less chance of failing than these nozzles do though, I'd go with a disk type fogger instead of a nozzle

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