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  1. anyone here listen to atmosphere. i just started listening to them and they're really good. they're MN boys so i gotta give them some support. LISTEN TO ATMOSPHERE.
  2. ive listened to them before, but they arent my style

    try listening to Gangstarr if you like rap music, its awsome, i garuntee its not like the usual rap you listen to
  3. gangstarr, atmosphere, dizzee rascal, aesop rock, jedi mind tricks, the pharcyde, rjd2, the streets...

    its alllllll good.
  4. brotha lynch hung always keeps it gangsta with his shit, non phixion, company flow, wu-tang clan, spm, three 6 mafia, project pat
  5. Brotha lynch is the shit, 24deep and season of the sicc..were his best in my opinion.
    Scarface, Eightball&MJG, Mr.Mike, Crimeboss aw fuckit the whole original sauvehouse family.
  6. wu tang, wu tang, wu tang ...and bone thugs and harmony......

  7. yeah brotha lynch goes hard, season of da siccness is my favorite. scarfaces old solo shit and his shit with the geto boys is real good
  8. atmosphere kicks arse. i know a lot of rap fans call him a pussy, because he raps about love, and emotions.

    you should all check out Anticon, cLOUDDEAD, Dose One, Aesop Rock.

    and Roots Manuva, one of my faves, a great english rapper.
  9. atmosphere is the shit...he came to milwaukee last year and i hope he does again soon; im usually not that into rap but he's real good and his lyrics are true even though they are about love and emotions
  10. Seven's Travels was wack....but they're dope

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