atmos sucks

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  1. Had a atmos forge for 1 day till there adapter burned out the coils and damn near caught my battery on fire when i called in for warrenty they told me they dont cover the coils what is was damaged by your part wtf so i call in they tell me the same crap but very rudely so now i have a 40 dollar paper weight take this as a warning atmos does not stand behind there product like they post up everywhere and say even on the mesaage as your waiting to talk to someone
    WARNING DO NOT BUY Atmos products they do not stand behind them like they claim.
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  2. Damn I was about to buy one...good looking out m8.
  3. A lot more vape information over at Fuckcombustion. Maybe someone there can help you out.
  4. I'll check it out, thanks man
  5. Atmos is pretty terrible. They'll sell "vaporizers" that combust your herbs, then if you aren't super careful they break.
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  6. I had a pink one break in less than a month. I will never buy from them again.
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  7. Went thru 2 of them both broke with in a month each. First one was replaced by which is aweosme company. I called Atmost and then they want $10 dollars for the battery which i only paid 18 dollars for ti and for their WARRANTY which is bullshit............i live close to the plant in Hialeah so i was thinking we could gather all our broke pens and throw them at he store owner/workers and film it to show the people are pissed!
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  8. Everything Atmos puts out is garbage

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