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  1. I got the Atmos the other day to use primarily with concentrates.  I've been putting wax in it but would it be a bad idea to put dry herb in there as well?  Main question is would the flavor be ruined or could you clean out the pen between uses without any type of quality loss?

  2. Did you read the instructions? You may want to start there. It is specifically designed for dry herbs, maybe you missed that. I suggest you read the manual or instructions or go to their website and read what they say. I doubt there is any issues of going from wax to herbs other than maybe having to clean it out. 
    This was the actually the first vape I bought about a year ago when I first started looking into vaporizers and vaporizing. I, like many others out there thought a pen style would be stealthy and the way to go. I continued researching and discovered that this unit is crap as far as trying to actually "Vaporize" dry herbs or vaporize in general. I immediately sent it back and got my $27 refunded. I then bought a true vaporizer the MFLB which does actually vaporize herbs but has its own problems, issues, weak points and cons. Some good things about it some bad things about it like it seems to be the case with most vaporizers. I have come to realize the search for the perfect vape is a costly one. I never fired it up but that Atmos RX is an electronic joint from what I have been told. If it does what you want it to then be happy. Good Luck,,,,the search for a good vape is a costly one isn't it?
  3. yea i'm not too worried about it though. i mainly just smoke bowls or take dabs. just picked up the atmos for on the go.  as far as dry herbs go i think the pax is the superior vape compared to the mflb. i've owned both and the pax definitely takes the cake.  i'm aware that the vaporizing experience with pens is sub par but its not a huge concern.  if i actually want to vape i'll get an Extreme Q
  4. Load that atmos up with oil and take it along for those long work days, it works great for oil. But when it comes to vaporizing herb it does not do that, it will combust. Use it for oil only.
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    DOes the atmos RX actually vaporize anything?....wax, oil or herb?

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