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  1. Does anyone else have this "vape"? I bought it 2 weeks ago and the piece of shit is broke already. Even when it was brand new i charged it up and pushed the button and the coil barely turned red, now 2 weeks later the coil doesnt get red at all and it doesnt vape or combust or do anything with enough heat to affect the bud.
    Biggest waste of money ever.
  2. I hate my pos atmos!!
  3. yeah pen vapes for herb, most of them are a waste of time and money. always breaking, the technology just isnt there yet.

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  4. yeah i guess youre right
  5. I got the g5 same as Atmos, I just buy the cheap spare parts off eBay.
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    I had the Atmos Junior and it was really good for the price. Granted it wasn't an actual vaporizer as they claimed(it does combust) but it was still extremely smooth. It also got dirty really fast and was a pain to clean around the coil. I agree they could have uped the temperature a bit because I always found myself having to heat it up twice. I still thought it was a decent piece over all 7.5/10
    EDIT: I only used it for wax though even though it can do herb/wax
  7. i can heat it up non stop until the battery dies and it still wont even combust the bud.
  8. Had mine for two months... Still works. Big ass waste of money. Bought it to toke up in my room, but because it combusts and DOES NOT vaporize, my room smells almost as bad as if I've smoked a pipe. I was told that it could be used in public because the smell was non existent. What a load of bullshit. Don't waste your money on a vape pen. Could've bought a half for what I paid for the damn thing.

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  9. Wow that's surprising! When I was in my LHS they were all talking this vape up like it was in serious competition with the Da Vinci and Iolite. Luckily I didnt listen to anything they said. I was high at the time and thought that the reason they were saying good things about it was because the company paid them to, which I now realize is not likely the case :laughing: 
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    yeah its completely broken now it wont heat at all, im probably just gonna throw it in the garbage. Maybe i just got a defective one cause now i cant even get it to charge
  11. It may just need a new battery, they're cheap enough off eBay.
  12. but even before the battery stopped charging it stopped heating so i would have to buy a battery and a heating chamber, so in the trash it goes
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    Im surprised, I finally had to get a new chamber after a year. Get your money back and get a new one. Atmos come with warranty(unless you bought from ebay)
    The one on the left is the Atmos Jewel(the upgrade to the JR)

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  14. I can return it with weed resin all in the heating chamber?
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  16. How do you like that G pen?
  17. It is eh... I have to click the button twice for it to get hot enough to "vape" but it came with the honeycomb screen and was 35 bucks.
  18. If it were between the atmos and gpen for dry herb which would you rather pick. those are really my only choices :/
  19. Most pens truly suck at vaping dry herb but between the two i would go for the Atmos. No glass cartridge bullshit. And Atmos gives a better warranty.
  20. Eh, I got my RX for concentrates, removed the parts that were needed for dry, and never looked back. I never really heard much good about the RX's capabilities with dry stuff, it only seems to do a decent job for wax.

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