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  1. Long story short i got a brand new Atmos Rx, the newest version factory sealed, from a buddy for super cheap. The things damn near two hundred on here so i figured for the price i paid it was a steal! but I've had more problems than actual hits out of this thing. Ive heard that this pen is made for herb, some say wax, and some say both. After packing it up a few times and getting 2-3 hits each pack it clogged up on me. I've cleaned this thing numerous times  but if i can actually get a few hits it clogs up and is unusable again. I've tried putting wax and butter in the chamber, both wasted. this thing seems like garbage for 200 and I'm just not seeing how people are successful with this. i can't use it for more than a few hits with out needed to disassemble and clean, how is that convenient for on the go? i just don't get it. I'm not to worried cause i got a great deal, but id at least like to use the thing every once and a while! any suggestions or help? (i have a buddy that bought a brand new one, with the same issues) what are we missing here? is this thing really a $180 piece of garage? thanks for the help~

  2. From what I have seen, a lot of people over-pack them and it clogs them. Try cutting down how much you put in. Since its a pen and not a handheld (even though that sounds counter-intuitive) you need to put a very small amount of wax or herb in it otherwise itll gum up. 
  3. 180 dugout...Ya it's a waste
  4. Atmos is garbage. That's why they are on groupon for $20 now. Because people have finally realized that they suck and word is getting round.And even if it did work.....the chamber is too small for my girlfriend, who smokes very little tiny bits at a timeI have a arizer solo. Personally, I'm happy with my vape
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