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    Atmos RX (RAW) Review 
    I have had my Atmos RX for a few days already and I have to say I am impressed. I had read horror stories about this pen vape having issues with burning herbs, batteries not holding charges, etc. but I decided for only $70 on Groupon I had to go for it and try it out. 
    Dry Herb Vaping
    To properly vaporize dry herbs you need the glass screen insert. This insert is a small disk that resembles a honey comb. This glass piece creates space between the heating coil so that none of your herbs burn. The glass screen heats up therefore heating the herbs on top of it. You will also need to remove the spring that is attached to the filter piece. Both of these modifications can be seen below: 
    Newer models of the Atmos RX now come with the glass screen. Once you have completed those modifications you can insert your herbs into the heating chamber. Making sure your herbs are finely ground, you want to lightly pack the herbs using the packing tool included, similar to packing a tobacco pipe. I suggest not packing the herbs all the way to the top. Lightly packing will insure airflow can be made when drawing from the mouth piece. Once packing is complete you can now reattach the mouthpiece. 
    The manual for the Atmos RX states that in order to properly vaporize your herbs you want to hold the button down for nine second (the blue light and heating chamber will automatically turn off after nine seconds) release for three seconds, hold down for another nine seconds, release for another three, then holding down the power button you can now take your draw of vapor. This method has worked for me. I do get vapor and the herb in the chamber will slightly brown after drawing. I do have some suggestions though:
    1.If you notice your herbs have been burning hold down the power button for say 6-8 seconds on the second prep heating phase. This will lower the temperature of the chamber. Even second have a big difference between vaporizing and combusting your herb.
    2.While drawing, take it slow. Quickly inhaling can alter the temperature. Similar to a Magic Flight Launch Box I suggest slowly inhaling for a few seconds then quickly inhaling after you release the button when your draw is over. DO NOT draw with the button pressed for more then 9 seconds, you will burn your herbs. 
    3.After every draw I suggest taking your packing tool and sift through the herbs in the chamber. Turning and mixing the browned herbs near the heating coil/screen will prevent you from burning herbs and provide you with a better taste.
    I found that with one 3/4 packed chamber I can get about 4-5 draws. After that, my herbs tend to be a little on the dark side. I then empty out the vaped herb into a baggie where I store it for cooking later on. Once it is emptied I suggest using the included brush to clean out any herbs that could stuck to the glass screen, heating coil, or filter. Do this CAREFULLY! Inserting the brush too deep into the heating chamber can damage the coil. 
    The kit includes a USB charger that can be attached to a computers USB port or the included plug adapter. 
    The light on the charger will turn green when charge is complete. So far I have had 0 issues with the battery holding a charge *knock on wood*. I suggest charging the battery when not in use. I personally feel as if using to the point of no charge can effect the battery and can also effect your vaping.
    Oil Cartridge
    The set I purchased came with a neat wicked oil cartridge for use with e-liquids. It also came with some 0% nicotine Tobacco flavored e-juice. I am personally not a cigarette smoker and have not really bought into the e-cigarette trend but I REALLY enjoyed this. I keep both the herb cartridge and oil cartridge with me at all times which allows me to swap between each. I plan on buying another oil cartridge for another flavor of e-juice. 
    I give this product a 8 out of 10. As a previous owner of the Magic Flight Launch Box I found that I was getting better draws without the hassle of trying to control the temperature like with the MFLB. There fore I have replaced it with my AtmosRX. Theres a few issues that include the fact that it is not as good at vaping herb like a plug in system or perhaps the PAX. But for something that is portable it does the job well IF YOU FOLLOW THE STEPS CORRECTLY AND TAKE CARE OF IT. The mouthpiece/filter is kind of a hassle to clean and tends to get herb stuck in the mesh screen. The reason this is a pain is because the mesh screen is not flush with the outer ring holding it causing a pretty large area for herbs to stick as seen in the picture above with the spring. This device is pretty discreet and looks like a normal large model e-hookah. It can easily fit in my pocket. If you vape correctly there should be little smoke and little smell. When herbs combust it tends to cause more smoke and smell. I suggest not removing the mouthpiece untill the outside of the heating chamber has cooled. This will insure there is not excess vapor that will get released causing a somewhat burnt popcorn smell. As far as herb conserving it tends to vape the chamber pretty quickly. I have to empty it a lot more then my MFLB, but the RX's chamber is a lot smaller and I am getting better hits of vapor it. 
    I suggest buying this device directly through the Atmos site, your local headshop or a certified Atmos dealer. Since this device is made in China there are many devices that are 100% the same as the AtmosRX but lack customer service, parts, etc. DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY! Do not buy any vape pen devices that say "OEM Manufacturer". 

  2. the rx works good for wax too, if you clean it a lot! 
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    I recently purchased this same vape pen from Groupon and have a few questions, I am new to the vape life, so not 100% sure on how to use it. I do notice I am getting draws, but do you feel like it's worth smoking dried herbs in it? Have you tried wax and if so is it better? I also don't think I am getting as many draws, this could be because the burner might be whack, right? How often are you pressing the button and releasing to heat up, and how much smoke should you expect once you exhale? Regarding the glass cartridge for the liquid, do you clean this out after use and if so how? Do you load the oil in the same burner as the dried herb or the glass cartridge provied?
    I feel like an idiot, but I really don't know much about these pens, I just thought it was a good deal on a pen to introduce me into vape pens.
  4. Want to first say a big HIGH to all, I am a newbie to this site and this is my first post.  Second, want to thank Gold Pharaoh for posting about the purchase of the Atmos Rx from Groupon - after reading many reviews and watching Youtube reviews, I was ready to spring for the whole $189.00 to get one until I saw your post!  Thanks for the "save".... I can use that extra for some nice herbs!  : P  I am a big Groupon fan and should be receiving my new pen shortly.  If anyone is on the fence about getting the Atmos Rx, I say take the plunge... AT GROUPON, and save yourself lots of "lizard skins" and buy some extra glass screens and a stand, or some great weed!  HURRY, I think the $60 offer ends in another day!
    I have to admit, I'm "old school" when it comes to pot....roll it up (in some pure rice paper), do a bong hit, or pipe hit is the way to go, so Atmos Rx will be my first experience with "vaporizing".  From my research, using a pen is not really vaporizing - or at least, not the best way to go.  My "lizard skins" are on the low flow right at this time and I'll have to wait to spend $200  - $300 or more bucks on a proper I'll have to really focus on using that glass screen properly and use the other tips to not burn the herb.  Anyway, this looks like it should be a good site to update my smoking experience.....although I just renewed my pot cert. just yesterday (for the 3rd year), I have smoked very little due to my vocation having to have pee test every now and then, and I don't trust any of the "cleansers" out there, so I just put lots of "time off" between tokes.  When that Atmos comes - it's "time on" again....for a moment.....  : )
  5. Thanks for this post. Been wondering about this lately as im moving back into a dorm and looking for a small vape to be able to smoke in my dorm.. Probably gonna buy this, although im still researching the MFLB. Dont like the way it looks that much, & heard there's a steep learning curve to that one soo... the Atmos RX may be the one for me lol. Sucks the groupon thing doesnt work... may have to just get one on eBay since paying regular price is too much from what i've heard.
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    Only buy the atmos if you want to smoke... it is worthless for vaporizing.
  7. Hey there x Lucky7 - try GROUPON again.....I just tried to order the Atmos Rx and now it shows having six days left to buy! Just go to the site and do a search for Atmos Rx......BTW, I have read others warning to stay away from eBay for these items as there are lots of fakes being sold on the site and Atmos will not honor an warranties. Good luck, and good vaping/smoking! : )
    Better off buying a cheap bowl and making a blowie honestly. Sure the MFLB looks odd, but the fact is I can use it almost anywhere undetected. There's nothing steep about the learning curve when it comes to the MFLB. All you're doing is timing the heat up. 
    Push in the battery for 5 seconds, take your toke while holding in the battery, release the battery and finish off the vapor in the box at 15 seconds, then exhale. Rinse and repeat. Nothing steep about that. 
    But, that works for me.. to each their own :) I really agree with @[member="lwien"] that we need a sticky that explains these "vape" pens, and informs people that come here that they do not vape dry herbs. Seems most the people posting in this thread are either shills, or totally misinformed on dry herb vapes.
  9. Probably one in the same, eh?
    Seems like it. Especially the whole groupon ordeal going on just screams shill to me.
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    Atmos sent a rep in here and then ran with his tail between his legs when challenged on some of his statements never to be seen from again.    So now, rather then sending in a rep, they've resorted to this kind of marketing crap.  
  12. Seems a couple of you are drifting off the original post - a review/opinion about the Atmos Rx... I should be getting my DISCOUNTED Atmos Rx package in the mail tomorrow, and if you two think that I am a "shill" then your reasoning is a little "tilted"....

    As I stated earlier, I am new with this vaping thing, and being from the 'old school', I thoroughly enjoy rolling a Dobbie in one sheet of pure rice paper and take couple of tokes (that's all one should need if the weed is great and you want to get high/medicated!). I also like to try new ways of partaking the herbs - and vaping seems to be the cleanest way to go. If you have come to the conclusion that ALL 'PENS', regardless of there make, size, and design are ONLY able to burn - then that's is your right to your opinions. ....and that is ALL they are - just like the OP! If you want anyone to pay attention to your opinions about vape pens, it would do this forum good for you to take the time to explain IN DETAIL what your experiences are with a vape pen compared to a REAL vaporizer - like the OP did! Iwien, ren.deb - you both list some, seemingly, quality toys - how about instead of name calling, give some of your experiences with your toys AND how they compared with the pens (have you even used the pens?)....give us, or point us to some knowledge bases on vaping technology, the Why to vape. That's the kind of info that helps me make up my mind how to spend my $$! Some of your toys are in about the same price range of a full price Atmos Rx....tell us why we should get them too instead of calling me a "...groupon ordeal" shill. BTW, if by shill you mean advertiser - You're damn Skippy I sing Groupon's praise! I don't work for them or have an stocks with them, but I really do enjoy SAVING MONEY! My belly is now full with some of the $22 worth of seafood I paid $13 for - THANKS GROUPON! And the "$60.00 mistake" you guys are claiming I made buying the Atmos Rx.....could have been a $129.00 MORE, THANKS GROUPON!!!

    I don't know - maybe you guys/gals are part of the 1% - and BURN YOUR $$$, as well as your weed....right on to ya....enjoy! Me - I'm one of 'the rest' - I like saving my lizard skins, and if I can, help others do the same. Reading these forums is like smoking pot - YOU GOTTA SHAKE THE SEEDS FROM THE WEEDS TO GET A NICE PUFF! Peace.
  13. There is only one thing that matters. The Atmos RX DOES NOT VAPORIZE PROPERLY. It doesnt matter what price you get it for it is still a piece of fucking junk that isnt worth anyone's time. You still come of as a shill @[member="edrichard"]
  14. If you think iwien and ren don't post in depth reviews and only bash vape pens why don't you look at there other posts they've made? Iwien has been on this forum and FC for years and has tried dozens of vapes, and ren posts some of the most in depth reviews on his vaporizers on the internet. All of the experienced vapers on here have given long responses on why most vape pens (excluding the T vape) suck, but when the same question is asked time and time again we start to grow tired of writing these giant posts about the same thing we just answered yesterday. We've even requested a sticky as to why vape pens suck from the mods it gets asked so many times around here.
  15. I hear what you're saying Mr. Horsepower - AND - I agree with ya! I also agree with you (and with what one of the other guys said prior) that a sticky titled "WHY VAPOR PENS DO NOT VAPORIZE" should be in place!

    I also stand by what I said - namely that Name Calling does not Provide Information. Speaking for myself, I will eventually come across and read some of their reviews of their vaporizers, in fact, I did take a quick Google of some of their toys (as I stated in my last post) BEFORE posting just to be able to gage why they are so against ' vape pens'. The are playing with some Seriously Quality toys And - the prices for some of them was about the same or even A BIT LESS then the full price of the Atmos Rx! Hell, if one or both of them had said something like " ...if you want some REAL vaping for the same money (without the discount), check out this link..." pointing to some of their prior post. Easy, simple - I would have
    maybe spent my $$ on one of their REAL vapes! And, I did pay attention to how many post they have on this site. ...that is all good - if they are good, informative post and someone points people to those posts. They didn't do that! I also agree about the frustration of seeing the same questions asked over and over...many don't even try to do any research before asking questions. Maybe that "REAL VAPING" sticky will go up on this site .....maybe it's already on another site - I'll Google it and see what I learn....and when I get a bit more experience under my belt, like you guys, I'll be one of the first to post my findings about real vaping! ;-) And - if it don't live up to its billing - ATMOS RX will be my first 'victim'... Peace.
  16. Thanks Iwien! That's something I could use.....I just did a Google on 'why vape pens don't really vaporize your herbs'....I'll see what I find out.

  17. "It even amazes me how HighTimes briefly go over all the issues that are known with herbal vape pens, yet they still list the AtmosRaw as the top rated vape pen which received a perfect score.  Talk about a blatant sponsored review!"
    OK - I have to admit that in my researching vaporizers - this High Times review is mainly what won me over to getting the Atmos Rx!  I was duped!  I was bamboozled!  I was misinformed by HIGH TIMES?!!!  What has to pot world come to???  Got to make a "brewski run" be continued......    : (  
  18. Yup.   High Times is the LAST place to go for unbiased vaporizer reviews.    Has been this way for years way before there was ever such a thing as vape pens.

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