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  1. I'm having some problems vaping/combusting my herb in this pen when the glass screen is in there. I'm getting smoke when i turn it on without the mouthpiece because i can see,but the smoke rarely comes through the mouth piece. Any suggestions?
  2. i got a great suggestion for you. i picked a jr up for $20 so i figured I'd see what i could do to get it to vaporize.
    went to the hardware store and got a domed superfine mesh stainless steel screen like this
    (always torch your screens to get any reidue off) cut it to fit with a gap between the coil and screen like this
    then i used a screen from my micro g-pen (you can cut one to fit but the g pen screen fits awesome)
    place it on top of the dome screen
    using a pinch of herb pack it
    now, put the top on and hold the button down for 10 sec. then after it stops flashing, hold it for 5 sec let off button, hit button and inhale. for every 5 seconds you hit it let go of the button and push it while your inhaling. it will vaporize weed
    now keep in mind the atmos is a piece of trash and not really a vaporizer at all, its kinda like throwing herb into a car cigerette lighter and huffing the smoke.
    but after hittin my volcano i got creative. i gotta say bro i am impressed. glass screens DO NOT WORK in them either (tried 1 & 2 glass screens) this method the screen doesn't fall out either. if you do it this way with a domed screen over the coil, and a micro g or small screen on top. you can get 10 vapes from a pinch. legit vapes, zero combustion. you just do these aforementioned steps and prime the chamber before you hit it, you will be happy as Hell (cant believe im saying this about an atmos!) keep in mind bro that mine is a jr. i don't know if bigger ones are hotter, but that's what i do to get a jr to vape. 10 hits amazed me, I couldn't believe it. which is nice if your just running to the store, take it as a disposable vape incase you need to chuck it out the window. its much cheaper to replace than a pax. sorry this was so long, I wanted to be thorough. hope this helps you out

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  3. I just got one recently. Hold the button for 9 seconds, release for 3, hold for another 9 seconds, release for another 3 seconds, then hold down the button and draw slowly. This method is in the manual and I find this method works pretty good. If its still burning try releasing the button on the final 9 second heat up step a few seconds earlier. This will lower the temperature in the chamber. Always make sure you're using the glass screen also. 
  4. thanks bro i just bought this vape but didnt read much of the reviews before buying it...
    but ur guide is gonna help me loads :DD
  5. No Problem. Glad I could help. just be patient with it, and it does get a little hot. You should be very impressed with the outcome.
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    You just turned the Atmos into the MFLB.
    THis Means!!
    For $30 I can turn my ego ecig into a mflb with the ego dry herb atomizer! Thx!
    I always knew this was possible. I mean the MFLB and the atmos raw have the same concept. You use a battery to heat a screen and it heats the weed enough to vape. Problem is the combustion due to lack of temp control on both the MFLB and the Atmos raw. Atleast here I can have a smaller MFLB...and for less and in my pocket along with my ecigs. Kanger protanks..
  7. especially if you have a variable voltage battery! you can fine tune it!
  8. I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to disagree with you about the glass screen.
    I recommend my method without the glass screen. The little glass screen gets hot as hell and comes out every time you empty it.
    With the method I used, you use 2 stainless steel screens, that stay in the pen when you dump it out.
    Its effective , more convenient and efficient.
    Try it GoldPharaoh, you might be impressed. I was. True vapor, no combustion. the herb is still a tannish color when done.
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    I just got the g5 same as atmos, I tried it and yeah, it works great. I put 2 glass screen and I even continually pressed the battery and produce vapor but not much. So i took off one screen and it produce real nice vapor and taste good too. I'm also using solo and I'm liking the G5. When I first used it, it combust the weed and burns, but works great with screen.
  10. Just wanted to thank you too. I have MS and Fibro and my building is going non smoking (fascist, imo) August 1 and I just got one of these. My mom is buying me a Pax (how cool is that) but this helps me a lot in the interim. Thank you so much!
  11. Atmos products are terrible all around. Don't waste your time or money.
  12. Somebody please help me smoke oils out of my atmos RX I do not understand

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