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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MileHighPotHead, May 19, 2013.

  1. Just basically any love/complaints about this product.
    I love mine, I've only used it with wax and it is the best pen I've owned hands down.  Haven't thought twice about droping 150$ on it.  Hope it lasts.

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  2. I like mine but it doesn't really vape, it more burns.  Which is fine cause I am not much of a vape guy.  I like using mine for a 1 hitter.  Very discrete.  I always bring it golfing.  Quick hit in the woods on the 7th hole and I am good the rest of the round.  have been leary about putting wax in mine though.  did you just put straight wax, or wax on bud?  Did it make a mess?
  3. Yea I don't vape flowers for the burning reason.  I find that it actually (for the most part) vapes when loaded with a small ball of fullmelt wax.  I only put wax in my chamber, never flowers.  No mess at all unless I over loaded it, then its just kinda gunked up, but a hot dabber can remove the excess wax.  
    I can't say for sure it vapes, but I have to assume so.  I have literally been caught by my mother smoking 40+ times, even when she's asleep she can smell it.  Now I vape with no air circulation in my room with the doors and windows closed.  No smell after 5 or more minutes.  I've taken fatty dabs in my room though and they wreaked up my crib.  So I think the Raw actually vapes wax.  
  4. Right now... it's a love hate thing. I got mine maybe a month ago. I did a lot of research before buying it and I was aware of the combustion issues people were having but figured with the glass screen and/or a modified pipe screen it would work right. It took a few times to figure out but I finally started to get semi-decent vapor draws. Then on my third charge it completely stopped working/charging. I contacted the company and a replacement heating chamber is on the way... but since it's taken so long a bit the bullet and bought a Pax due to all the great reviews. I'm still holding out for this thing though. I wanna love it.
  5. Damn that sucks :/ were you using flowers? It seems like everyone with even a little hate towards it only uses flowers.  I get vape every draw.  Also, dude who sold me mine told me to make sure to keep relatively clean and to NOT use one chamber for both flowers and wax.  He said if you're gunna vape both, buy two chambers.  Plus how much $ they charging you for it?
  6. Only flowers. And the vape only cost me $80 on ebay. But the company I bought it from had Atmos send me a replacement OEM chamber, but accidentally sent the wrong piece. Bummer. I just messaged the guy back again. I've been getting great quick service I'm just not having good luck with the Raw. Once I get the right piece I'll defiantly update. I really want this thing to work!
  7. Hey so if I want a pipe pen for combustion would the atmos raw be it? Is it smoother than lighter + pipe combo?

    I just want to be able to use it during activities and I'm public - stealth mode !

    Plus wouldn't it save more weed since no smoke leakes out?

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