Atmos Raw - A Real Vape?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Stephens19, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Or does it just use combustion? I've read both but the reviews saying they just combust were usually from around 2012 didn't know if things have changed. Thanks for the help!!
  2. Not ideal for dry herbs. It's gonna combust.

    If you are using concentrates, it's not bad. I'd build my own pen though.

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    how? interested. 
    build your own concentrates pen?
    WaxPayne has a DIY guide in the vaporizer section.
  5. i can tell you the Atmos Raw Jr sucks ass.
    flowers or wax it is a piece of s**t. Dont buy it.
    i piised awawy $50. coil dont even ge hot enuf to vape wax.
    got V-Rite atomizer (with dome)....this burn the Fuk outta wax. (no flowers)
    V-rite lets you B-rite.
  6. The atmos raw is terrible. A lot of money wasted... I used mine about 3 times. None of the times it worked at all.
  7. Stay away from pens for a vape dude I have the hippy stick and & the atmos both garbage for vape.. But for concentrates they are sick, the dank oil cartridges are the shit!!
  8. I think I'm gonna invest in the Pax by Ploom
  9. Atmos is shit for flowers, I hate cleaning the thing and I never get more than like 2 hits before I gotta fiddle with it. For wax I like it with the spring out. I loaded the chamber full of wax in hopes of smoking on a car ride and it did not go well; too much fiddling. At home its ok but I have a oil rig so it definately does not replace that. I need a vaporizer pen that smokes like a blunt and there is not one on the market.

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