Atmos jewel question on how it is supposed to work?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Nicolicious1976, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Just got the atmos jewel yesterday-


    It was demo'd to me inside the store to prove that not only it powered on but also the coils got hot/red

    Brought the jewel home- plugged It in and went to work for about 6-7hrs-

    Once I returned home the light on the charger/battery was green which I assume meant it was charged and ready to go- I added 2-3 minuscule drops of BHO to the coil and pushed the button and I got exactly one hit before it stopped working - I guess-

    So after that I opened the mouth piece to see if the coil was activating when I pushed the button and it does not- no red- no heat?

    1. what am I doing wrong? Could I have burnt out the coil that quickly?
    I did not touch the coil in any way- other then with th BHO which I was led to believe need to be in contact with the coils....
    2. Aren't the coils supposed to get red hot? All the video demonstrations I've found online show the coils get pretty red after 2-3 seconds??

    Anyone who has this vaporizor - does your cool get red ? Or is that something g it does only as a clean / never been used coil?

    Just confused or am I a tard
  2. Probably burnt it out. Atmos is garbage.
  3. Oh... Ok- great-
  4. Garrrrrbaggggge... sorry bout your luck...
  5. Same thing happened to my friend.
    You have to push the coil closer to the battery.

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  6. Hmm... Push closer... Will try- I went out a found some atmos jr coils till I hear back from atmos...
    But does anyone know how I broke it in the first place? I'd like to not do that again if it was something i did

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