Atlantans, Sen Chambliss is putting you at risk!

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  1. As Mexican cartels move into our neighborhoods, Senators Chambliss and Isakson refuse to consider legalizing marijuana!

    Quiet burbs draw cartels |

    While their failed and deadly prohibition draws these brutal cartels into our communities they say they can't legalize marijuana
    because it "might be bad for us". NONSENSE!!!

    Atlantans, write to your legislators today and tell them that we need the production and sale of marijuana legalized!!!

    Speak with one voice.

    Georgians against prohibition.
  2. Sen. Chambliss has always been a dick douche who's #1 interest is to fill his own pockets..... aint nothing to do about this, georgia still has some of the toughest penalties for MJ posession, distribution and cultivation in the country.
  3. I fucking hate this state
  4. Sheriff Roger Garrison, lol, I may have gotten pulled over for a light out by this guy I think his last name was Garrison and he was a sheriff. I was blazed as hell and hadn't put any eye drops in. Weed, scale, grinder in the car he breathalyzed me and told me to get my light fixed but not before commenting on how red and glassy my eyes were.

    Just kidding of course that never happened.

    Fucking prices down here blow too.
  5. I'm glad to see there's other people that smoke in this state!

    We need to make some noise down here!! The only marijuana stuff I hear of is people
    getting busted every week. We need protesters demanding legalization.

    This is the most unimaginative state in the nation. We need to wake our legislators
    up and let them know that Georgia wants legalization!
  6. Bad thing is were in a state that has almost 80% of its citizens with there heads up there asses.

    nothing can be done about georgia the lawmakers are so blind sighted by greed that i even wonder why i vote at all ,we are the minority and theres nothing that will change this. no petition, no bills. GA has always been like this and there will never be a change
    sad but true.:(
  7. Isakson and Chambliss still have the Reefer Madness mentality. I've written to both those SOB's over forty times in the last two years on the issue of Legalization and Decriminalization. I get the same old BS in return everytime - neither suppot either the Decrijm or Legalization of MJ. I bet my email addy is on every sherrifs laptop in Georgia, LOL.

    What Georgians NEED to do is vote those two SOB's OUT OF OFFICE. Look for a younger, more enlightened candidate who most assuredly burned a number or two in his time. Do your research, and VOTE for the candidate who is most likely to be conducive to our efforts.

    However, that does not ALWAYS work. Look at our wonderful new President, Mr. O-damn-bama. He blew smoke up every stoner's ass about how he thought weed should be treated, and now has done a complete about face, stating that he does not support legalization. Hell, he even stated he'd stop the feds from raiding MMJ establishments in states where it was voted in. And what has happened? The raids continue...

    NEVER trust a politician - but ALWAYS vote. Get rid of the Reefer Madness politicos, and vote in the candidates who you think will think like ourselves.

    Gonna be a hard sell in this bible-thumping state, though... :eek:
  8. Write these people, tell them you will NOT vote for them if they're up for re-election!
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    Already have, after the first email and the first snail mail letter. They could care less. But one day that "care less" attitude is gonna turn around and bite 'em in the ass. When the next elections come 'round, I am voting for somebody OTHER THAN who is in power now. It IS time for a change - but not the "change" we were promised last election. We need a COMPLETE CHANGE - i.e. vote the old guard OUT, and install a NEW government.

    People, look SERIOUSLY at the Libertarian Party. They have pretty much the same beliefs as we - less guv-ment, and MORE individual freedoms.

    Damn the same of shit - Republicrats and Democans - it's HIGH time we had someone and some party in power that WORKS FOR US, instead of works for padding their own pockets!

    Libertarians - it's the new way to go - Google them and take the Libertarian test on their website - bet YOU are a Libertarian! ;)
  10. We need to get articles in the AJC and signs up round the city and flyers on cars and stuff like that...

    While the rest of the country debates legalization there's no sign of it in Georgia. Nothing!

    At the very least we could put stickers on our cars except that'd get us pulled over pretty much on a daily basis. Maybe we could stand on street corners with signs like you see when stores are closing down?

    I'm open to all suggestions!
  11. I think the first step in Georgia needs to be the vote. Lets get some people in local city, county, and state government who actually give a shittake, first and foremost. Then petition them to, at the very least, take a look at decriminaliztion. legalization has to come in baby steps, as it has in other states. it won't happen overnight.

    Elect the right people, THEN come out in numbers for decriminilization, then legalization.

    Without the right people in office, we'd just be wasting our time, money, and energy.
  12. No suprise here, Chambliss is one shitty senator.

    I say you Georgians properly show him the way to the door.:D
  13. I would if I could but that route is too quiet and too slow. I want people talking about
    legalization right now!


    God, I hate Chambliss. All the stoners just need to get up and leave, sad thing is, then GA would pretty much half its population haha.
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    I agree, we need to start getting organized here. Is there any mentionings as possible canidates for GA senate? I've already been making posts in response to marijuana related events on crying outrage and sending people to to send a pre-written letter to their state representatives, hopefully it helped generate some people. I recently posted a comment on with the story of the Forsyth county commissioner that was arrested with a pill bottle of pot underneath his seat. I don't know the guy or his views, but I see it as a terrible situation that this man who preferred a little bit of herb to relax now has his livelihood on the line. It sucks.

    Let's start hearing some ideas. I say we start making a list of possible canidates for various offices that are our most likely choices. So let's start with this, maybe create a Sticky thread with all the offices listed, from governor to county officials in key state counties (Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb, Cherokee) and fill in all the known possible canidates for next election. Then from that list, we rule out conservative or otherwise pro-prohibition canidates from that list, and by the rule of exclusion we should have a pretty set list of who we need to put on our ballot cards next election. What do you think?
  16. Make sure that ass hat does not get re elected.
  17. Unfortunately getting better candidates in office is easier said than done.
  18. Whomever he is running against, vote for the other guy. The other guy could not possibly be any worse than he is! :smoking:
  19. I like your ideas 420FLASmoka. Maybe we could swamp all the candidate with marijuana questions so they get the message that this is a big fucking deal to georgians!!

    I could slap together a website if you want, maybe something that allows georgians to express their opinions about marijuana and vote whether they want it legalized or not.

    After we get a few thousand replies we could include the link with every question we send the candidates.

    What does everyone think? If you've got some ideas for a site let me know and we'll get one out there.
  20. I think a web presence is something we need to have as well, but right now I think we need to research where we can get a foothold. What I mean is researching the views of the people in office now and upcoming candidates coming up in 2010 that would be sympathetic to our objectives. That way when we are going into the public we can push certain people into office at the same time, which is essentially what we're going to need anyways. Both public and political support is going to be necessary to get anything done, at least that's how I see it. Anyone else have any ideas?

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