Atlanta tokers in the house!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Biochemistry, May 10, 2016.

  1. What's up guys!? I recently got back into being on Grasscity after a couple years hiatus. I just finished grad school. Tell me about yourself if you're in the Atlanta area.
  2. In the process of moving from Chastain down back home to Atkins Park/Va. Highlands Area. Been around my whole life. Where did you go to grad school?
  3. I got my Master of Science in Chemistry at Georgia State University. Ok cool. I live near Turner Field.
  4. "Is anybody out there?"
  5. in north metro, away from all that crazy traffic!! only been here for a few months but love it
  6. check your messages bio
  7. I'm in Atlanta, haven't been on GC in a LONG wile either.
  8. North of Atlanta. Been here half a year anywhere in specific people go to buy herb in general? Specifically somewhere safe from crime/fuzz? Only place i felt safe enough to ask around was some festivals and then only got it twice.
  9. Seems like many of you live outside Atlanta. :(

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