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    Hey all, I'm M from Atlanta. I've been posting here for a month or so, but figured this would be the best forum to post up in. Since getting back from Auburn, I haven't had much (really haven't had any) of a social life. Im just looking for some people to chill with... I'm a laid-back, reasonably smart person, but I'm pretty shy so getting into groups of people is challenging for me.

    Basically, I'm sick of sitting here more or less alone all day. I need to meet some guys and some girls I can hang out with. Not necessarily to blaze, since dear old dad drug tests me, but someone to party with and just DO stuff with.

    I'm spending a dangerous amount of time in front of the computer. I gotta get off my ass... I don't meet anyone at work, I don't meet anyone during the day. I go to class at GPC (Dunwoody campus) but I get there and then have to go to work right after so it's hard to really get anything going there. And, like I said, I'm shy. Combine that with being tired from work and I'm usually not up for socializing, even though I know I need to.

  2. Yeah I guess I would be considered in the Atlanta area? Live like 20 minutes from the Mall of GA =O
  3. Fulton County right here :D :wave: What's up with you guys?
  4. Nuttn much just dry as a mofoooooooooo lol I guess it's ok. I am patient xD
  5. Fulton as well. What do y'all do for fun in Atlanta? When I lived here and went to high school I never had to worry about entertaining myself because all my friends were here, but now that everyone's off at school I don't have shit to do and I really don't know the city that well.

  6. Well the mall is fun if you are close to it but that's more of a friend place. There is a couple of airsoft places if you are into that? Not too much to do and see in GA imo unless you are 21 and live in the city hehe.
  7. When I'm bored I usually take a little trip to little five points and hang out, get some food, chill or go to some of the rivers near Roswell and smoke in the woods, never gets old to me.

    Occasionally I'll go to clubs in Atlanta, or go to a bar and just chill... Not by myself though :p
  8. Yeah chilling in the woods are fun lol

  9. I actually worked at Airsoft Atlanta until pretty recently. Fuck that place, man. I'm never going back there.

    That's the problem. If I had a couple people to hang out with, I'd have so many more options... But pretty much everything sucks when you're by yourself.


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