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ATL Purps

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by neal33, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Just moved back down to the atlanta area, and couldnt find a connect to buy quality by the ounce yet... so I bought this 8th to tide me over for a couple days. Really fruity tasting, and has a great indica high to it.
    Enjoy the colors! :smoking:
    Not enough light
    Too much light
    Just perfect
  2. Danky doos. :)
  3. the pictures kinda suck, try some natural lighting if thats not already smoked ;)
    the last picture looks bomb though
  4. Ill go try some natural lighting... I have one bud left from the bag!

    edit: dammit its cloudy out
  5. shitty!
    whats the high like?:)
  6. How much did it run you and did you still have connects or did you just find one?
    .....I used to be green with envy, now I'm both purple and green. Nice pickup!
  7. Nice pics, I still need to find an ATL hookup as well. Usually bring some from down south.

    Learning how chill ATL is to blaze as well.
  8. nice!, ima bump my thread so u can check my purps i posted yesterday:hello::D
  9. Nice.. first pic doesnt do your bud justice... but looks pretty dank from the 3rd pic!

    I haven't gotten any purp from ATL thats actually purple yet... where can i find some o_O
  10. nice purp man, kinda looks like some i had a while back
  11. nice.
    looks like some purps i got a few months back
    im in sc.
  12. Im heading up to the charleston area next weekend... whats the bud situation like?

    Found this from a friend of a friend. But its all good, I found a real connect tonight. Expect a new thread in the next few days.
  13. Hell yea that's ATL purp no doubt. I pick up that same bud all the time.
  14. My areas not too bad when It comes to bud.
    Charlestons great.
    I have a friend that lives up there, When I go visit he hooks it up :)

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