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ATL Kush Strands

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Incompl, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hello GC just copped a quarter of some kush. I was hoping someone could give me a more specific strand? Well here's some pictures ill post better ones when I get a chance.
    By the way this stuff smokes amazing!! Tastes almost tangy and has a smooth high :smoke::smoke:

  2. sorry man but no one can tell you what strand it is just by looking at it. but hey, as long as it smokes good, that's all that matters right? :smoke:
  3. For future reference, it is strain not strand.

  4. Those pictures dont do any justice, but it looks like theres some sexy orange hairs on it
  5. if it aint grown by someone you know or bought from a dispensary anything anyone tells you is BS, it prolly isnt kush but as long as it does the trick that is all that counts
  6. prob kush of some kind at u puttin the bud in ur school's mission statement
  7. Couldn't be fur sure but it actually looks like some Strawberry cough i had the other day.. :smoke:
  8. Kush goes around ATL heavy.. Very heavy. Also along with purp. there is no exact way to determine what the strain is. Unless you get from the guy that is either growing it or shipping it in quantity and the vacuum sealed bag has the name written on the outside in sharpie.
  9. you need to hold the bud further away from your phone. the paper is in focus but the bud is not.
  10. hahahah is that your mission statement as a student!!???


    i study high, i test high, i get high scores.

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