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Atl area

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by STARTED2LATE, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Anyone know what cheap oz of the brick looking stuff that prolly comes from down south goes for in atl area?
  2. yeah, bout 110 man. i used to live there.
  3. depends. 30 to 100 bucks depending on who you know

  4. 110 for brick weed? thats anywhere from 40-60$
  5. yes, because moving weed from texas to georgia doesnt cost any money or go through more peoples hands driving the price up. Also in Atlanta if all you can find is brick weed, you deserve the price you pay.
  6. Id say that $100 is the most you should pay for any brick weed. Preferably 80 or less though. don't buy an ounce from some dude on teh street corner, buy it from someone who usually deals with that kind of weight.

  7. brick weed is cheap if ur gonna pay that much dont smoke it, and shouldnbt cost that much for movin it from states to charge 100+ for somthin that taste like dirt
  8. schwag ounces down here are around 30-40 dollars.
  9. Define "down here" I'm trying hard to find schwag but can't get any.

  10. An hour north of atlanta
  11. u got any pics of it fourtwozero?
  12. i get them for 40 around here
  13. Damn... I'm looking at 120 for a quarter of what my connect says is true dank...(he has hooked me up with quality in the past...)

  14. 90-110.

    rep gwinnett

    the prices here in atl are so fucked up and too high. I pay 20 a gram, sometimes 15. 5/g for mids/regs....

    $20.00 is too much for a gram of a plants flower. It's just inhumane, but somehow i still sum myself up to buy it..only on the market right now here. BUT on the other hand, I can go down to SOUTH FLORIDA - rep martin county stuart palm city - and buy "good" for 15/g and it's BETTER than what ATL has got at least what im getting..

  15. Yeah I'm looking at 110-120 a quarter of something potent down in dekalb.... But hes talking about brick weed so just regs. i usually get an eighth for about 20. i dont care so much about the legalizing, its just that people should stop being brainwashed into thinking "weed is a drug and drugs turn you into an idiot". So man great people smoked dank. besides, no one dies from bud unlike alcohol or cigs....But i still get judged for smoking ganja in my free time...Thats why i cant wait to move back to the islands!!!! Dominican republic baby

    But oh yea, theres some variety in atlanta, but it may not be so easy to come across.
  16. Well after reading all this and seeing pictures here and there i have determined that what someone like me in disguise is currently smoking is mids...40 1/4...not dirt weed.. Thanks everybody.......toke onnnnnnnn
  17. standard for mids is 25 a quarter 50 a half and 100 a zip, you gotta be friends with someone or at least be cool with someone to get a better price.
    like i said thats STANDARD. not mandatory lol dont be to shy to haggle ESPECIALLY if its shwag try to NOT act like a noob, and you should be straight haha;)

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