Ativan and Methadone

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  1. Hey guys I was wondering what are the prices for ativan 1 mg and methadone 10 mg (i think)? I'm getting a really good deal on them but I'm not sure if they even have a recreational value. Thanks.
  2. Two different things and potentially dangerous together. A yes to the recreational value on both. Cost, I couldn't help you on that though.

    I just personally want to warn you, I've gone through a coma from taking too many Ativan. Taking excessive amounts of them is not good and you won't feel any better than you would hitting the sweet spot on lower doses.
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    I'm not taking them togethor I was just wondering if I should get them. But thanks for your input. How are the highs like on each of them? Also, how much mg did you take of each when you took them (on diff ocations) and how much put you in a coma?
  4. never taken either and dont mean to burst your bubble but my friend died off a small amount of methadone. Be safe.
  5. If I recall right I ate about 10 pills with a can of beer. Scared me straight away from all benzodiazepines. Literally the worst experience of my life.

    And methadone is no joke either, please use caution and don't do them all alone.
  6. yea another person I know just died last weekend for taking 9 xanax and drinking.
  7. Drinking is the mian problem. I am not going to drink on them and xanax has a high ld 50 so drinking is like the only way to really die unless you are stupid and take like 20 of em.
  8. dont know about the ativan but i pay $3 for 10mg methadone (54 142 is the imprint)
  9. Are ativans really that great? I'm prescribed them for seizures, so I obviously can't try to use them recreationally. It basically just helps mellow out the moodfuck that neurontin gives me, and helps with the shakes.

    Around here ativans sell for $2/mg.
  10. Yes!!definitely you should get the methadone you will thank yourself.
  11. $4 for the dones, $1-2 for the loraz
  12. i pay 5 for the methadones.. usually take 20mg-30mg and im chillin all day.:smoke:
  13. Honestly, and please don't take offense to this as it is not intended to be, but...

    I do hope that if you continue these destructive behavior patterns that you end only you own life prematurely as it would be a shame if you were to let your disregard for human life spill over into the lives of an innocent people (i.e. car wreck, or other stupid move while fucked up beyond reason.)

    ;) :D :smoke:
  14. Well, I did state that I won't come near benzos anymore.

    As far as other things, I'm almost 30. A lot of the things you'll find me talking about happened when I was a lot younger. I ran around in a gang and lived by the minute, and did all the reckless things I did up until I was about 20 and had a daughter. I'd like to put it like this: I've got a good head on my shoulders and can look back at what a long, strange trip it's been. We can all learn from our pasts, and others can learn too.
  15. Im getting a script of both for 20 bucks and how about marinol i can get a script of those for 10 aswell?
  16. Ativan is apparently decent, but alot of people told me they don't like it.

    Only person I know who's tried methadone was my cuz when he stole some from my aunt...

    He had little to no opiate tolerance and blew 1 and had the best high ever apparently.

    Shit's so good kids from his school wanted to buy some at $20 a pill hahaha no joke.
  17. Damn man, you get the best prices on everything, I might have to come out there to the WC, see what's up. The girl I know charges like $6-8 for 10s. Either the (54 142)s or the (M 71) bars that I actually like better.
  18. Lol im getting a bottle of methadone, ativan, and marinol for 30 bucks ^^^^^ But its from a good friend and he is loaded
  19. Okay how much Marinol? I have a heavy dose script that I would happily part with half of if I knew what to charge/trade for...and had an interested partner....
  20. dude downtown SF is one huge open air market when it comes to drugs. people commute here from other cities just to sell drugs on the street.

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