athletics vs. weed (does it help? haha)

Discussion in 'General' started by bostonbud, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Im a swimmer and have competed in multiple national and international competitions and i can proudly say i smoke weed daily in various ways. I smoke and go swimming everyday and have seen honestly no problems with my preformance besides when i begin to laugh when i realize im actually swimming stoned.

    I was wondering if other athletes feel the same way or different about being high and training/competing?
  2. I use to, but I put out a better performance now without.
  3. The only way I could ever get through Football practice every day for 4 years was to get stoned as shit beforehand... It didn't really help my ability on the field what so ever, but it helped me to be able to stomach a head coach that absolutely hated me (partially because I was such a big stoner, kinda of a double edge sword, aye?)
  4. yea i used lacrosse and it was the same way my coach sucked and i needed to get high to even attend practice but for some reason (maybe im afraid to get caught by my coach) i swim better high.
  5. i doubt it helps your performance, no matter what kind of sport. any physical activity that requires body movement and fast heartbeat would be harder to do after smoking.

    but i skate when i'm high and it's great.

    though i have realized how much harder it is to run, skate really fast, etc.

    anything that makes me breathe hard is a little harder to do, and i run out of breath a lot faster. but hey what do you expect, you're inhaling smoke and holding it in your lungs.
  6. Are you Michael Phelps?:p
  7. I can do at least twice as many pull ups stoned as I can sober.
  8. I hit a grand slam in a baseball game while I was pretty high in high school, it affects us all in different ways but I wouldnt recommend it haha.
  9. Hey its Phelps!!! ahaha. I actually wouldn't doubt it.
  10. i used to be active in sports back in highschool.. however if i was playing a sport while high, i noticed i got winded a lot easier.. i dont think its a good idea.. but i guess were all different
  11. no its not phelps haha but i do know him and he is a def pothead
  12. a classic vicious weed cycle
  13. im an mma fighter/boxer. i also lift. and i can also proudly say i smoke weed every day :D been training this entire year. i dont go high, but when i am high sometimes ill shadow box for the fun of it and i notice i can keep my form alot better.
  14. yeah man i love it

    im still set to goto UCF on a soccer scholarship and our high school team is number 2 in the state

    most of us on the team burn everyday after practice :laughing:
  15. I wish I would have burned before soccer this year....
    After burnin' every day before indoor games my skill has improved SOOO much
  16. Yeah used to remember Football practice. They were so stupid and fucked up that we just all got high beforehand. It was quite funny, the fact that all of the guys on the team were high as shit and trippin. Not to mention our team sucked balls never won a game when I played there.

    Was also on debate team in grd 10,11,dropped out late 12. Always used to burn before I went. Then I would just ramble on and on about random shit. But as it turns out I wasn't that bad. I remember it as fun. Because I was high.
  17. I always like playing basketball high, I dunno I think I def. play better
    But soccer I would rather not be stoned..
  18. skateboarding high is fun...but I can't do tricks, I can only ride.....

    Football, I really wish I had gotten high this year cause the head coach doesn't believe in hitting, only form. Next year will be better.

    If swimmings anything like taking baths I'd rather not, I took a bath high and was scared the whole time.
  19. In ways I say it helps, im in track this year and smoke every night 1-2 times a day tons on weekends. Well I do better than 80% my team speed wise, one of the faster kids on the team I dont get tired easily while everyone else is sweating all kinds. I'll have to let you guys now what i get on my 100 next week when i find out. also, for some reason everynight I smoke I do my core workout before i go to bed baked, it seems MUCH MUCH easier baked then sober, god i hate it sober.

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