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Athletic performance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thizzlam, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hey, this summer i started doing it and have been consistently smokin 4-5 times a week. Now that im back at school ive noticed im not quite where i used to be athletically, im gettin slightly outof breath quicker than normal. Because of this im thinking about getting a vaporizer. Has anyone had the same problem and did a vaporizer help?
  2. yeah smoking fucks up ur lung. since im smoking cigs i get totally dizzy and out of air if i do athletics. vaporizer will help, but i dont really enjoy the high i get from a vape.

  3. yeah i heard vapes get u to fucked up. I enjoy being in control from smoking. i might just need to try a vapre to see
  4. vapes are known to be healthy, but I think they are much more of a stoned relaxed high.

    btw. Michael Phelps smokes outta bongs, maby you otta try one of those lol
  5. lo at michael phelps, anyway just lay off the blunts , cauyse thats most likely wut ur smoking. i play football nad i blaze quite often and when i start smoking blunts alot i feel like i cant breathe well and feel like im addicted to tabcoo. tabacoos bad bro. i say match weed with weed and pick up some zig zags
  6. it doesnt matter man it doesnt depict a real life event and its fictitious anyways
  7. Since i got my vaporizer i dont even smoke anymore i've just completely switched to vaping.

    That being said i love the high from a vape, much more clean and active. Also i workout every day and am in good physical condition and cardiovascular exercises like running and biking are my fuckin specialty i never feel anything holding me back these days

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