Athletes foot from spilled bong water ?

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  1. A couple days ago I was emptying the bong and a little bit spilled on my shoe. I wasn't wearing socks so my pinky toe got wet and I didn't bother doing anything. I just let it dry keeping the shoes on, The next day after the shower my pinky toe itched like crazy and I couldn't stop until it started stinging/burning. In-between my pinky toe is red and there is a distinct crack in the skin that is moist and red. I haven't itched since the first day,It's just that stinging/burning when I touch/walk on it.
    I soaked my foot in apple cider vinegar / hydrogen peroxide , washed with soap and dried then put on new socks,new shoes in hopes that this will go away soon!

    I've never had athletes foot in my life , I walk barefoot in the house often , as well as putting on shoes without socks (Now that I know more about AF I will be wearing socks everyday)

    Do you think it's possible that I got AF from the spilled water?
  2. yes athletes foot happens when your foot is in warm moist environments like showers or in this case inside a wet shoe
  3. Your foot is gunna turn into yoda. JK
  4. If you have athlete's foot, you'll want to get something that specifically treats that condition. Try over the counter first, and if that doesn't work, you'll need a prescription grade anti fungal that treats athlete's foot.
  5. lol
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