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  1. I'm addicted. i swear the writers all get high off some stanky danky because this is the ultimate stoner show. 10/10 i fuckin love it

  2. aqua teen? i remember that show in '04 i had season 4 on DVD. watch all of Spacecataz. ive seen all the sows and the movie
  3. Its the perfect show to watch late at night when you're stoned and drunk
  4. Definitely a stoner show. Amazing too. Been awhile since I've seen it
  5. I'm seriously dying. Glad it's on Netflix
  6. The first 3 seasons are one of the funniest things that have ever been on TV.  But after that it kinda went downhill.  But yeah, those dudes are definitely stoned as fuck while writing that show.  Same with the guys that make Spacelab/Frisky Dingo/Archer.  All great shows tailor made for stoners.

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