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  1. Right I myself beleive in God and where I live there are a lot of people who are atheists. I don't care whether they do or don't beleive that there is a god. There is one thing about these atheists that does however piss me off... These atheists, when they find out about my beleifs they start preaching to me about how my beleifs are wrong 'cos of science etc. They start taking the piss out of what I beleive and have no respect for me having those beleifs. Now these are the exact people who say to Jahova's witnesses
    "Don't try to force your beleifs on me"


    It's what I beleive and I don't give a shit whether you beleive it or not- it's what I beleive and I don't ask for your opinion on it just like I don't ram mine down your throat!!!
  2. Gee, ... If I remember my History, freedom of religion was one of the reasons we live here, and you live there eome!! not making light of your situation, just interjecting a Lil chuckle!!

    In a perfect world, no one would feel they needed to tell someone else, what to believe, or how to express those belief's!!!

    Use self-control ( It will drive 'em crazy lol )!! :smoking:
  3. Sorry sax man i was just a little pissed at receiving a large amount of verbal abuse today about that shit...
  4. Hey Eome!
    I am also tired of people preaching at me for being Atheist.
    So this is a Question to all the Christians and Atheist out there.
    IF there is a God, HE is the only one allowed to pass judgement.
    At the end when we die, who is going to Heaven?
    The ones who judge others or the ones who live in peace with others.

    Eome you live your life for yourself and make every minute of life better than the last. PEACE.
  5. heheh
    I went to a CSNY concert recently, and these people were protesting the concert who were saying we were the antichrist for attending, and that Jesus saves. ETC. They had a bullhorn, and had jackets that said
    It made me sick, I have a huge problem with people forcing religion down my or anyone's throats like that. Especially when ignorance is attached to it.

    For instance, WTF. Protesting CSNY? The dude even said they were protesting @ the Paul McCartney concert a few days before ~ what the f*ck type of music DO they listen to??

    Anyway, eome, I feel your pain. Usually when people approach me regarding religion or lack thereof, I say "Thanks, but I have my beleifs. I respect yours, now why don't you try and respect mine?" If they get pushy after that, then just walk away shaking your head. You could even say "I'm sorry but I won't listen to someone who won't hear me out."
    It usually doesn't help though, so walking away if possible, or zoning out if you can't disappear, would be your best bet ;)
    Good luck

    And if Christians like the people protesting the concert really new their bible-shit, they'd realize GOD LOVES ALL PEOPLE regardless of their beleifs. So they're really ignoring a huge aspect of their own religion by shoving it down others' throats.
    No matter who/what he/she is, whether or not he/she exists. :D

    p.s. i have no problem with any religion at all ~ if i sound anti-christian, i'm not... i'm frustrated at ANYONE who shoves their religion at anyone else.
  6. I'm sorry folks, but if you don't believe in what i beleive in, you are in TROUBLE!!!!!!

    Every one must beleive or else!!

    IN weed my friends!
    No one should be allowed to tell others what to beleive in. Thats what i beleive!!
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  7. I'm an athiest but I don't preach to anyone regardless of their religion. Everyone to his own. One thing I don't like about large organized religions is a lot of them are anti-marijuana. I think we can all agree there are some flaws in the Catholic church also. Whats the percentage up to of preists who are child molesters?
  8. im agnostic, its has so many possibilities
  9. This is weird. Hubby and I just lost a very good friend to cancer. He promised hubby and I a sign. IF, there was actually an after life...There were actually 2 was that he would send us the numbers for the multi-million dollar lottery that our state was having. The second, he would have the proverbial picture fall off the wall in our home...

    Unfortunately, neither has happened yet. Maybe, I should just cross my fingers for good luck?

    Our friend deserves heaven and all it's accomodations, much more than many christians. He was an atheist...thru and thru. Never did he preach to anyone. Not to his christian wife...not to his Jewish friends.

    eome...I think you ran into a crazy atheist, on a mission for themselves.

  10. I try not to get too preachy, but sometimes i find it hard not to get passionate about my beliefs (I'm an atheist). I never do it in an insultary way, just more of a thought-provoking way. I just hate when people believe something because their parents do, or because its just how they were raised, without knowing or questioning their upbringing. So I guess I do get involved in a religious debate once in a while, but I let them have their side too.
  11. Agnostic!

    I dont think about what happens when I die or anything. I do what I think is right and not worry about impressing anyone else.
  12. I've just experienced the same treatment enome. I was tried, judged, and maligned by some of the very ones here who said they wouldn't do that. I think that's a lesson we can all learn. It doesn't matter whether you are Christian or atheist---or if you fall anywhere in between. It really doesn't matter. Human nature is human nature. Man will judge. It doesn't make it right. We can strive not to judge. But somehow or other---people will judge.

    The thing that angers me is when people blame God for the fact that people judge. Like ganjaphish was saying, If those people really knew God they would realize that God loves all people regardless of their beliefs.
  13. Is there anything wrong with trying to convince others that what you believe in, they should believe in too? I would suggest that it is our *responsibility* to debate our beliefs with others. If you are upset because another person is "shoving their beliefs down your throat", maybe your beliefs aren't that strong. Maybe you're afraid you just might be wrong...

    I understand that people don't want to offend each other, and that for the most part, it isn't harmful that somebody believes in something you don't. But in the long run, the world will be better off if we openly debate and question our beliefs. Maybe someday we'll find the truth and be able to agree once and for all... :)

  14. YES it is WRONG!!!

    I understand what you are saying but if i believed in satanisim and tried to convince you to do it because I believe its the way to go would that be right? It does not matter what you think is right, it is for an individual to decide and not for others to push their opinions.
    The death of millions of people has come from the push of beliefs.
    Religious wars, slavery, the holocaust to name a few.
  15. You say don't push your beliefs on others, yet your tagline promotes pot legalization, the end to racism, and something about getting rid of idiots across America. Let me be the first to stand up for idiots everywhere...

    Aren't you pushing those beliefs on everyone right now?

    It seems to me that the only people that truly never "push" any beliefs on anybody else really don't get much done. It's a good thing to stand up for what you believe in. Remember the holocaust happened not just because evil people tried to push their agenda, but because a complacent public didn't stand up against that evil.

    Even if what you stand for is wrong, I want you to stand up and be counted...otherwise how will I know you're there?

    Encouraging people to believe whatever they please and not feel obligated to defend those beliefs is what leads to ignorance. And even those of us who support freedom of thought (which I do absolutely) can agree that some people are just plain ignorant. Those are the people the rest of us need to educate, i.e. **push our beliefs** upon.
  16. I firmly believe that we all should stand by our convictions. If a person truly stands by their beliefs and has evidence to back up their beliefs, then they have every right to try to convince another that what they believe in is right.

    I think that everyone gains something at some point when you stand up for what you believe in. There are times when I may think one thing but, because another person presents a good case for the cause, my views on the subject may change. Throughout history, many people have changed the course of events, or the way of thinking for their time, by simply convincing others that what they believe in is what's right.

    However, while I enjoy a good debate on religion or lack thereof, I don't appreciate it when people who are either believers or non-believers try to convince me that my life isn't worthwhile because my beliefs are different from theirs.
  17. I think we're pretty much on the same page. No one likes it when other people try to make them feel inferior because they don't have the same beliefs.

    My point is that people should not avoid voicing their opinions simply because they don't want to feel like they're pushing their opinions on others.

    This is one reason why pot prohibition is such an easy policy to maintain. Potheads are far too passive and non-confrontational to force the issue.
  18. Like Amanita said there is a difference between pushing and voicing your opinion.
    and as far as idiots if you consider yourself an idiot then thats your right.
    As far as I'm concerned anyone who believes in treating people diferent for race,creed,or any other reason because they are not like you or what you belive they should be,then you are the perfect spokeperson for the whole population of idiots.
    Of cource I'm not pushing, Just voicing my inalienable right to free speech just like you.
    by the way, you are sayin that you are not against smoking pot by posting nothing against pot in this forum.

    you have also generalized people that smoke pot by calling us potheads and that is as offensive to some as saying
    nigger, kike, jew, spik or chink.
    and you have also said that all potheads are passive.
    you speak for potheads AND idiots?

  19. Allow me to clarify: My comment about speaking for idiots everywhere was tongue in cheek...

    I never said anything about treating people differently because of immutable characteristics like race. What you originally complained about was people who criticize you for being atheist. My question really is this: Why would this bother you so much? If you honestly believe there is no god, tell the bible thumpers why and engage them in a discussion. It seems to me that people who are ultrasensitive about their beliefs aren't too confident in their beliefs in the first place.

    In my opinion people have become so sensitive and afraid to offend that most people don't stand for anything anymore. Telling people not to "push their beliefs" on others has become the slogan of the politically correct, and I think this is counterproductive. Pot smokers of all people should know better than to promote this, because you are the ones that are being persecuted because of others' uninformed beliefs about drugs. When you're right, and you know you're right, please DO push your beliefs on others! How else are you going to counteract the propaganda that is pushing the other side???

    I'm not sure what you meant about being against smoking pot. I'm obviously for it, otherwise I wouldn't be here. And I'm not sure why you would find the term "pothead" offensive, unless you yourself believe the stereotypes that drug warriors promote. It would be much more productive to choose not to be offended because the word on its own is neutral-- it only has a negative connotation if you choose to read it that way. As a pothead myself, I certainly didn't intend it to be offensive.

    Lastly, I don't claim to speak for all potheads, but from what I've seen most smokers would rather enjoy in private than to raise a stink about the fact that they're judged as criminals by the law. I'm not blaming anybody-- just making an observation.

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