Atheists being as bad as any christian

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  1. I always here atheists talking like "Dumb christians are always judging me and telling me I'm wrong and trying to convert me" and I respect that they want to be left alone to believe what they will, but so much I see a lack of the respect given that they wish to receive.

    I've had plenty of atheists call me stupid and ignorant for being christian, and isn't that just as bad as those christians who go out saying "Youre all going to hell convert now!"

    And also atheists like to go on google and search shit like "Things in the bible to use against chritians" and "Totally wack bible verses" its bullshit if you won't actually read the bible don't go out and judge it

    and I'm not saying that chritians aren't just as bad sometimes I just want atheists to realize that its just as bad to try to make people feel bad for being christian and trying to make them atheist. Its still imposing your belief on others.

    Also don't bash the bible. Its an incredibly important cultural note that anyone christian or not should read. I mean look at Steinbeck, he alluded to the bible all the time and he made it apparent that he didn't believe in an afterlife

    and don't bash jesus either. If a dude went out spent his whole life preaching and got fucking crucified, and not just a normal lets nail you to the cross, like a full blown fuck any kind of comfort you may receive in your final days of life, just to make people love each other and be kind, and give to the poor, he was a pretty alright dude.

    Really jesus was a better person than anyone alive today, he died with nothing, just to teach people how to be good.

    and please don't say he didnt exist, he did, its fact whether he was the messiah or not.

    and fuck, christian teachings are not bad, its fucking giving ten percent at least to charity, and loving your neighbor and your enemies sitting with sinners, accepting everyone no matter what, and not judging. thats good shit

    also the whole turn the other cheek thing, Imagine if you got shot and the next day the dude who did it needed help, jesus taught that you should help him, that you should not even care that he shot you, you still should love him.

    remember that dude who shot those amish school girls, and the amish community forgave him, thats Christianity you can't say they're backwards and ignorant, clearly they have something good going for them if they can forgive a dude who shot a bunch of their daughters.

    sorry its kinda long but i felt like ranting.
    also I'm not advocating christianity i just want people to know it teaches some good stuff

  2. *cue complaints against people who use religion as an excuse to do evil*
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    How about they're both not correct? Not wrong - but just not correct. How about the fact that we truly can't know what religion to follow or what religion is correct. How about we minus the fact of all the bullshit christian leaders do, and all of the bullshit atheists do.

    With me, I'm neither atheist nor christian. I truly don't know what I am, I guess it could be classified as agnostic with some Taoism thrown in or Buddhism and some shamanism. but I don't feel a need for a religion per se - to tell me what to believe, how to act, what to do, who to give my money to, who to forgive - any of that nonsense. especially one saying that a man is in the sky, looking down, watching all of us - just sitting there waiting for us to fuck up, so he can hand us over to his worst enemy[which would please the devil], and have them suffer an eternity of dying. All Christianity is mythology, just like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Don't let your religious leaders brainwash you. They are doing it simply for control, for greed, and for power. Not all, but most. And the main people who wanted control, greed, and power, were the creators of the religion. Ever wonder why church's are so rich? Ever wonder why there are SO MANY DIFFERENT religions? - mainly ones that are just sub-branches of the other. It just doesn't make sense.

    "Also don't bash the bible. Its an incredibly important cultural note that anyone christian or not should read."

    Not so much anymore, it's been revised to many times for it to be "cultural" to any kind of culture when Jesus was around.

    Makes me question why they need to revise it if this "god" - the all knowing - didn't plan for any future law's for future cultures. Sorry, but it's rubbish.

    "remember that dude who shot those amish school girls, and the amish community forgave him, thats Christianity you can't say they're backwards and ignorant, clearly they have something good going for them if they can forgive a dude who shot a bunch of their daughters."

    All I'm going to say is fuck that. Clearly they're retarded - please for the love of life, don't emphasize doing that.

    That's my two cents on this subject. They're both wrong, and both theories just need to shut the fuck up. If you want to represent something, join a fucking gang.
  4. When an atheist can say a magical being told them to do something wrong, then your argument shall become valid. When an atheist makes incredible claims, such as talking snakes, a guy saving all the animals on a boat during a big flood, or jewish zombies, then your argument shall become valid.
  5. Athiesm doesn't make ridiculous claims, Christianity/other religions do.
  6. Haha, QFT. I feel bad though, because we're basically doing what he is ranting about - except I'm not atheist.
  7. Underlined is false. Not all religions do. Some are very logical - just less known about for some reason.
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    Lol what kind of atheists waste time googling shit like that

    Even though religions seem bullshit to me, I'm not going to try to "convert" everyone to being a non-believer; I have been raised with no religion and I learned to believe in science.

    Live and let live, if one believes or if one doesn't it's his own opinion and it's stupid to argue it as it'll most likely only anger the person, not make him change his idea.
  9. True. But if someone was living their life based on lies, would you not try to show them the light? Just out of sheer courtesy...
  10. Atheism is known to be a "religion of hate".
    Which, is probably the most ridiculous claim I've ever heard.
    Just because one grape is rotten, doesn't mean the entire bag is.
    I'm still ashamed that religion is still even relevant today, nothing good has come from religion *oshit, did he just say that?*
  11. QFthemotherfuckingT.
  12. Correction. Nothing good has come from people of religion that could not have come from people of no faith.
  13. The light? What the fuck are you talking about? You can't use metaphors, metaphors are ridiculous! Just like talking snakes, all hogwash! Even if it's done allegorically to illustrate a point!
  14. Lol, you know what he means. But he's using a Christian-like metaphor to oppose the fact that atheists are mean - compared to just trying to show them that Christianity is wrong.
  15. Seriously? People who believe in a god, fight for their god, worship their god, and follow the rules set by their god. And it just so happens that the rules set by this god conflict with pretty much everything.

    The dark ages wouldn't of existed if religion wasn't around, the next revolution when people found Greek and Roman literature was the first step of man coming to their senses, we just need another big spark to lose religion for good.
  16. Agreed. I can do the same for atheism.

    Free yourself from the darkness of delusion, find the light!

    Become an Atheist today
  17. Except, that's not how it works at all. So it's completely false, lol.
  18. So you say that if there was no god, they would have just given up.

    Meadevil guy 1"Hey, lets build some shit"
    Meadevil guy 2" Nah, fuck that, there's no dude up in the sky"

    EDIT: NVM dude i thought you were preachin, im just really Hiiiiiiiigh:D
  19. Lets rephrase the underlined - people that have killed other human beings because they thought they were wrong - more logistically because they were controlled by their leaders, and their leaders wanted power, control, and more people to control. So by annihilating the other religion - they get what they want. I always thought killing another was against Christianity anyways? It's not in the name of god, but more-so the name of power and control.

    Revolutions and enlightenings would have came faster if you deleted the fact of religion.
  20. lmao, xD. It's apart of human nature to strive to be better. The Greek and Romans didn't build their amazing castles, and have amazing features for that time such as cold/hot running water because of god. But, it was because of god that they lost it all, well... It was because of god that it took so long for them to get it all back.

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