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Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Zylark, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. am i the only one here that disregard any claims of supernatural abilities or phenomena as a total and utter product of imagination gone wild?

    when you look at all these supernatural whatchamacallit it is plainly obvious to me that there is only superficial links to reality in these claims. no substance. and when the fidels (as opposed to me, the infidel) try to explain their hokus pokus they really don't explain it at all. they only navigate in circles using pre-conceived non-proved entities to substanciate their other claims of non-proved superstitions.

    it's the fall of humanity as i see it. this kind of self centered indulgant conviction that they posess some kind of higher learning / ability out of this world to ensure them or whoever somekind of eternal place by some deity or preconceived destiny that stands in total disregard to their real world standings just boggles me. [ *now* that was a long sentence :) ] it's self delution. it's bordering on psychological disorder. hell, for some nutcases it is a full blown madness.

    i'm done ranting now.
  2. i'm an open minded aithiest. to the point that i could almost be considered boarderline agnostic. i'm open to all possibilities until otherwise proven without a shadow of a doubt.

    have you the proof to back up your claims that such things do not exist? or are you just as bad as those who claim they do exist? ... ifso, you're worse actually. at least those who claim such things exist claim so because they have had experiences that lead them to their conclusions. what exactly is it that lead you to your conclusions? oh, the lack of such experiences.... oh, of course then... such things obviously dont exist then. :rolleyes: teehee.
  3. I am atheist or whatever (no heaven no hell, no god no devil, just a universe) and man Zylark you sound educated. The only time I ever feel like out of body experience is after smoking some grass. It's almost like I'm a guardian angel but still controlling my body (with bad judgment, lol). It's like living someone else's life but you still somehow know it's you. I can't explain that. I'm no scientist by any means. Whatever's in front of me is what I have to deal with. I don't care how you explain existence, I just care that as much as we know for sure, there's only one life and if I fuck it up I might not have another chance at it.
  4. digit: are poking a stick to my side to see if i'll bite back :D

    religious / supernatural experiences is nothing more than the mind playing a trick on itself. proper stimulation of the brain can result in subjects having religious highs / visions even under controlled circumstances. this have been done, and a certain part of the brain have been identified in this process. in short, there is nothing outside of the creative mind itself that substanciates any supernatural experience. as such, it is a figment of our imagination, not the result of a real world phenomena.

  5. i recently read an article in a Readers Digest entitled "New...About God and Your Brain" (i dont remember the ... part :D )

    anyways, my point is that the entire article was about this section of the brain, and how it actually PROVED the existence of god. I cant remember the details, but if you want me to get more info about it i can...

    im an athiest too just so you know... but hey, i like to keep an open mind.
  6. A part in the brain that proves the existence of god
    Id like to hear more about this sounds very interesting.
  7. i wouldn't believe much i'd read in readers digest. however here is an article from the BBC that goes somewhat to explain why some have religious visions

    this is not proof of god, but proof that god is a man made imaginary entity triggered by psychological disorder :)
  8. sounds like crap no proof that god does not exists just says
    these people have a brain disorder doesnt explain why they belive in all the religious stuff.
    different types of skin resistance how people sweat more looking at thier god. sounds like they just get a little over anxious and go into a fit.
    maby she thought her son was jesus because she became religious as a child.
    hey id like to see a study where they got people that had temporal lobe epilepsy and they wernt religious see what they see in a fit ????
  9. i think you need to read that article once more. slowly this time. especially the part that says "In a minority of patients"...
  10. i was expecting more of a bite with the bait i was using. :D
  11. Yes thats right a minority it doesn't say in a minority of religious and non reliogious and rudi affolter was a confirmed athiest at 43 nothing in there about his past
  12. Man has a purpose. We are not a favored creation but a tool or a project. No god invented us, more likely it was something akin to us in existence; born of the same materials and probably created by something else in their own right. We could easily ascend to the level of creator given time. We are simply an extrapolation of all of the knowledge and common sense of another entity, entwined with matter as one and set in motion like clockwork. In this sense it is quite possible to look at the whole of our existence as one moment. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things that's exactly what we are.

    But because of our ability and inherent need to control and understand our existence, time is seperated into increments; epochs, ages, and hours that all fit into place. Despite their differences in importance and time span each of these increments can hold something potentially greater than all of existence. Every bit of our being is wired for progress and a single thought is the potential for a new universe.
  13. In my opinion, too many people use religion as a crutch. The rely on it to help problems they're otherwise to weak to handle on their own.

    Man created god, not the other way around.

    People can believe whatever they want, and I don't have a problem with it as long as they don't try to recruit me into their cult.
  14. Whoa I just had a thought. What if people who believe in God are mentally disabled in some way.

    Some dude: "God will lead you."
    Me: "Oh, I didn't know, I'm sorry."

    Like a mental condition. A part of the brain tells people and convinces them that there's a god and there's a purpose. Maybe they'll ALL SICK!!!!!
  15. well IMO anything can happen. God or no God, none of us will ever know(and those that pretend to know are kind of sheepish)I believe religion is a little silly b/c there are so many, but one may be right. Simple and stripped is the only way to go. I think it's time all humans agree that a God may OR may not exist.(PERIOD).
  16. i dont think any1 can prove god exists or doesnt exists im personaly a christian and i lub mary jane and think its allllll good soo keep it real and dont be mean

  17. maybe. but i wouldnt use that term. there's definately a definable medical condition tho. i dont know if we have any Neurologists or other brain Doctas here at grasscity that can back me up... but for some time now, the scientific comunity has known of the "God Center" of the brain. forgive me, i forget the correct name for it.

    In people who are devoutly religious there is a marked difference in this part of the brain to those who are not.

    i see it as a safety clause. sometimes things are too big, and this scares people. the god center is like a safety net. it switches on when the person reaches a place where then can no longer face upto the great unknown and need an answer that neatly wraps it all up so they can stop concerning themselves whith the insatiable curiosity about the vastness of everything.

    basically its like putting a shotgun to the potential for so much more inteligence and knowledge in your life.

    ... ok ok... call me a blasfeeeema! lol.
  18. I'm not going to call religion a disease. It has a lot to do with our past and perhaps even how we became intelligent. Who knows? Maybe somewhere in our distant past we were but kinda smart monkeys who were kept as pets by some other intelligent race. Maybe some time in the future cats and dogs will worship something similar to what mankind is today as we provided for them and helped them to develop in certain ways.
  19. hehe. well put krazihare, but i have one little correction...

    no way dogs will become smart. they're to servile and stupid. cats on the other hand. lovely intelligent fuzzy little (and big) furballs. meow

    catz rule!
  20. yes, cats are cool animals, except for when they try to eat me

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