Atheist are stupid for thinking something came from nothing?

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  1. Refer to my previous posts as to why it is not a theory or belief... It is a theory or belief as much as non-stamp collecting is a hobby. Circular argument. Good day.
  2. Agnosticism is no position but whatevs man. We're both being stubborn
  3. They both are! There's no contradictory overlap in being both agnostic and atheist!
  4. I also just wanted to say that, even though I don't have a firm grasp on what you do believe, I respect it because you exercise a healthy amount of scrutiny in your own beliefs as well as others - which is all I ever ask of anyone in a discussion like this, no matter what they believe.
  5. I personally believe Atheism is a position, to put it in layman's terms. You don't, fair enough
  6. Refer back to my unicorn example.
  7. It's clearly not as I've described using definitions and proper examples.

    There are atheists who assert that god certainly doesn't exist, but that is not inherent to being an atheist. Thus, you cannot assert that atheism is asserting that god does not exist.

  8. if you dont question what you believe yourself........
    how the hell can you really understand it at all?

    i get irritated by people who are offended by questions.....

    i mean really.......what do you think prompted the people who came up with all these religions to do so ?
    if not questions?


    why are we here?
    where did all this come from...?

    what the fuck is going on?

    we stop questioning shit and we become stagnant.....
    we stop learning ...and fall into decay.....

    those who never question their "faith" or "belief" or whatever you want to call it.....are just afraid....
    afraid that by questioning their god.....they may be cast out....cus some dude told them so.....
    or afraid that they may have to admit that people just dont fucking know it all.....

    hell...they may even have to take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts....shit we cant have that now cant we.....

    so it really is easier for them to follow....and do/think/believe as they are told....

    my favorite part is that the book so many of them claim to follow tells them that they are fucking it up.....and they keep doing so.....

    the jesus guy ....his whole message was about how fucked up the religions were/are and how you dont need them....
    the guy they claim to follow have everything you need already within you.....fucking look for it.....and stop taking someone elts word for it.......;):smoke:

    so few bother to even read the shit for themselves...and know nothing about it other then what the guy in front tells them.....
    this makes them blind followers.....
    without a clue.....

    following a man.....

  9. :laughing:
  10. I'll give you a hint,

    nobody knows how the universe was created.

    No one.
  11. i think its worth trying to figure out rather than assume that the god of an ancient tribe is fully responsible.
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    If you base your faith on science, you don't know.. (me being one of them) But I would say a lot of people seem to know in there reality, including all these ancient tribes:


    To jas: I agree man, but most religions are founded off of "medicine" that helps them do more than assume. It shows them. I couldn't tell you if the visions are true or not, but I can say it's fascinating trying to imagine where they come from. Personally, I don't think science will be able to answer that question, and probably where the universe came from either.
  13. I've seen the same visions that are described in texts around the country and I can't say they ever instilled in me the presence of a higher power, but more the idea that allowing yourself to feel connected to the universe around you through a subjective image can be comforting. I can tell you what it meant to me, but it means only that to me.

    Which only reinforces my stance against theistic notions.
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    Yes but everyone interprets experiences differently. These tribes got their knowledge of what to eat, what was poisonous, what to mix to create mind altering substances, all from this medicine. If your interested, I suggest the book The Cosmic Serpent. I think it's by Jeremy Narby? It's a good read based on shamanism, and how ancient cultures gained so much knowledge.

    Also this statement has me wondering:

    the idea that allowing yourself to feel connected to the universe around you

    Are you saying we aren't? If so, what would make you think that? I think we are all connected to the objective reality. Are you saying you only believe in the subjective reality?
  15. Actually, they observed Jaguars chewing on caapi vines and observed the results and decided to see why the jaguars loved that shit so much
  16. Yes but there's more to it then caapi vines. And theres more than one ancient culture using this medicine.
  17. Thank you, I understand that, but there are rules in this forum.
  18. stupids are stupid

  19. I agree but all the animosity towards each other and disrespect is unnecesary
  20. While i am an athiest i do sometimes hate feeling that everything is a spawn from bacteria. But honestly people who (ill say it kindly) believe are all just saying fuck reality

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