Atheist are stupid for thinking something came from nothing?

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    Do you really believe someone can have a position on the existence of God without having a coherent concept of God?

    No one can form an opinion or position about something they have no knowledge of.

  2. That's the thing though, people of faith don't have to prove anything. That's why it's faith.
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    Wrong. See the response below as well as my sig. If you literally interpret the bible, you are bound by this verse. You can not pick and choose what you wish to abide by/find true/valid in the bible.

    You fail to see that the default position (atheism) does not NEED to present counter-evidence, for the believers are the ones presenting this concept. YOU (the believer/s) have to present the coherent concept of God along with valid evidence supporting such a claim! The burden of proof is on you (the believers and presenters of this concept.)

    There has been no empirical evidence presented to me that leprechauns exist, therefore I can conclude leprechauns do not exist.

    Imagine I am holding a box in my hands, and you claim there is a unicorn in the box. I state that I don't believe you; I don't need any proof or evidence that my position is true. My position is validated by the fact that you haven't presented any evidence supporting your claim. And when I open the box and look inside, I don't see a unicorn. So then you tell me, "It is an invisible unicorn." So I mention the unicorn wouldn't fit in this (hand-held) box, and you say, "no, it's an invisible, miniature unicorn." To which I reply, "well I don't feel it." "Well, it's also intangible." "How do you know?" "Because it speaks to me." That is nonsense. You've made a claim and you've failed to provide rational evidence for it. My disbelief is justified by that.

    You are dancing around this concept. Please, this is a very rational, logical module. And in fact a valid analogy...
  4. Agreed.

    Everything is nothing; no shame in saying that.

    So let's be something. :smoke:
  5. Atheism isn't a position.

    If you can't comprehend what the suffix "A-" does to certain words, then please don't step in here arguing that atheism is a position.

    It is not the belief that god does not exist.

    It is the lack of belief in theistic notions.

    I'd be a lot more respectful towards people that actually acknowledged that.

    I'm sick of the fucking neanderthals that like to go around claiming that I argue that god doesn't exist when I've clearly stated otherwise.
  6. I can do whatever I want because my relationship with God isn't based off a book written by man. :)
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    I'm not talking about proof or burden of proof bro. That's completely besides the point I'm trying to illustrate for you.

    Atheism is not a default position just as much as Theism is not a default position. They are both concepts that arise from knowledge of the concept of God. In order for someone to take a side on whether God exists or not they must first have some sort of understanding of God, the foundation of both beliefs or theories. For example, my default position of a pinwheel galaxy is no position because the only knowledge I have of it is the name.

    If atheism is not a position then it cannot be the "default position" as that is self-refuting.
  8. No, you're wrong.

    You are born without any theistic ideas.

    Thus - atheist.
  9. Atheism is a theory or belief.. in order to form a theory or belief you must have knowledge of it.. thus making you agnostic for you are without knowledge.
  10. No it's not.


    Without belief.

    It's in the word.

    Thanks for playing. Stop trying to tell me what I do and don't believe.
  11. You seem to be directing your focus on the word and not the meaning of the word. It is the belief or theory that God does not exist. I'm not telling you what you do and do not believe. The definitions which you willingly subscribe to are doing this for you
  12. No it's not. Please stop trying to tell me what I do and don't believe in.

    The dictionary backs me up here:

    atheist (ˈeɪθɪˌɪst) [​IMG]n 1. a person who does not believe in God or gods

    Can you read that easy enough? It does not state that I assert god does not exist. By that definition, anyone not exposed to the idea of a higher being is also atheist. A likely candidate for that example would be hmm, oh, i dont fucking know... INFANTS

    Would you care to try and assume what I believe some more?
  13. I disbelieve in unicorns. By disbelieving in them, I indirectly assert that they do not exist. Disbelief is a position or assertion dude bro dude.
    semantics for teh win
  14. No, you don't. Science works on the principle that it doesn't assume if it's not immediately evident then it must not exist.

    I don't believe unicorns exist, but that's because there's been no empirical evidence shown that they do. I don't assert that, because I've never seen one, there can't possibly be unicorns.

    Is this really a hard thing for you to grasp? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm genuinely confused as to how this stance does not make sense to you. It's so basic.

  15. isnt it the actual definition of a word is so easily overlooked when it doesnt fit what the person using it wants it to mean....
    which is great when obviously speaking in metaphor...

    but doesnt say much for the user when speaking literally....:eek:;):smoke:

    i doubt many here could tell you what i believe from my posts here....
    it gets annoying when people assume they know more about you then you do yourself....

  16. because it is the simplest of things that the world has the hardest time with......:eek:
  17. God doesn't abide by the laws or practices of scientific field and that's something one must realize about spirituality, in general.

    I don't know if you were reading the whole conversation or jumped in randomly, but my point is the default position on God's existence is no position, not disbelief or belief.
  18. That's a cop-out statement and irrelevant. Bringing up the scientific method was only done for an analogy. Quit trying to insert your backwards agenda where it isn't relevant.

    Atheism is no position. You're still having an extremely hard time understanding this.

    PS, I've been in this thread for most of the time, kiddo.
  19. for something that no human is truly sure about, they sure do grant it a lot of magical powers.
  20. Christians are stupid for thinking something came from nothing.

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