Atheist are stupid for thinking something came from nothing?

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    if there is a god, the question is where did god come from. if it was a big bang, the question is where did the matter involved in it come from. science has a decent reason to reason that there was some kind of origin event at least for the universe we currently know about, but some of those scientist at least entertain that something may have happened before this universe (by acknowledging that if anything did, it's impossible for us to observe it).

    god people say god is eternal. if you introduce anything that can be eternal, it seems like an ad hoc answer. x the creator is eternal. if that is possible, then so too is it possible the universe itself is eternal and there is no reason to make it any more complicated by suggesting there was a creation event. if we assume there must be a creation event for the universe, we can't break our own rule assuming an eternal creator. we must also ask where the creator came from.

    if we do not assume that everything had a creation event, we don't have either problem, but we'll still end up asking how or why everything exists.
  2. That's the thing. Not everything can be explained, therefore not everything can be explained with science.

    I'm sorry I can't give you a straight answer because nobody knows how, why or when... So I can't explain the what. I know we're here and I know ( by my beliefs) that God is in anything.

    I don't believe we evolved from monkeys and I can't tell you what conditions were favorable. All I do know is that people waste too much time trying to find this all out. We could all just be happy living life instead of trying to know why there is life. :)
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    Some people are happy trying to uncover those answers.

    I doubt anyone will ever uncover an exact cause for the universe, space, or time, but people are fascinated by the questions and want to search for answers. I think that at least, we should respect the effort that goes into it. I'm disappointed that religion so regularly demonstrates an inability to adapt to modern knowledge. That's one of it's main shortcomings in my opinion.

    But it's not my responsibility to educate the world, especially not people who don't want to know. Aside from the subjective irritation of scientists who can choose not to care, there is nothing wrong in my mind with choosing to remain ignorant of it as long as that ignorance isn't threatening to spread like some kind of thought virus. Unfortunately, it is not usually the case that such ignorance is idle and not attempting to spread. I sympathize with people who get upset when that ignorance is actively trying to spread. That runs contrary to their goals in trying to educate people.
  4. I don't mind not having the answers for somethings. If you take pleasure in uncovering answers then by all means... have at it. I just don't see the point in insulting people who don't care to have all the answers or people who believe the "wrong answer".

  5. If you feel insulted I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend, and my answer is evolution for how we came to be. The universe I don't have an answer, not one I could explain myself anyways.
  6. I hope you were not insulted because that was not my intent.
  7. No! I wasn't talking about you two. You were actually quite pleasant and interesting. :)

  8. What the fuck, guys?

    All this 'being kind and respectful towards people of differing beliefs' crap will not be tolerated here. :mad:


  9. yahh, damn it, mind as well start some racial hate, and women jokes while we are crapping on each others beliefs.
  10. Postal is usually very good at respecting people. It's why I love him! Anyway, back to the discussion.

    Do you think it's possible that aliens brought us here ? (just a wild thought)
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    I think that religion as a result of alien intervention (although I consider it unlikely) is far more likely than direct holy intervention. It's certainly a possibility, maybe the best possibility.

    Maybe aliens brought us here. Maybe they just found us here and helped out a little, and ancient people tried to tell us that in the only way they could. The best explanation could be that we recognized their awesomeness and considered them gods. That works especially considering our earlier religions imagined multiple gods and not just the one.

    ps. the check is in the mail. :D
  12. Yes, completely possible. Tbh if you read the bible and look at it from a modern sense but knowing what we know and think of how someone without these technologies would describe it, you can make a connection between all that and aliens.

    Like virgin birth= Artificial insemination

    Angles from above= aliens from space

    Noah's ark= dna bank

    There's some more weird history that connects on ancient aliens visitation. So I'd say it's possible.
  13. I just can't fathom regarding all of the available evidence and not at least considering that it makes sense if we did in fact come from primordial ooze. Calling it bacteria in a lake is a little misleading - like saying "we came from monkeys". It leaves out important information that details why we believe we evolved from "bacteria" in a "lake".

    Furthermore, those ideas don't really challenge the idea of a supreme being at all. It is entirely reasonable to question origin while holding a faith.

    I understand not caring to truly know the answers. Ultimately knowing the answers isn't going to change your life one way or the other.

    What bothers me are those suggesting that they do and presenting speculation as some kind of objective evidence. At least accept what you believe in as what it is - mere belief.


    Also - Ancient Aliens makes some interesting points in between a lot of garbage.

    How about that culture that recognized and spoke of Sirius B centuries before it was ever observed, and remains unobservable to the naked eye? Their drawings suggest that beings from that star mated with their culture.

    Other things like the seemingly meaningless practice of skull stretching that was found in two different cultures that were separated, and the egyptian pharoah that was found with an odd skeleton and elongated skull raise some good questions about what went on in those days.
  14. what's interesting is the Mia's Inca's and Egyptians all have monuments built to the constellations, with something special dealing with the britest star and where his belt points too.

    Then there's shit like reports of air battles happening from the 1500-1600, evidence of a nuclear explosion happening 20,000 bc (maybe it was 2000, remember I was high when I learned this shit).

    All sorts of weird shit.
  15. "Ancient alien visits" are just an ayahuasca experience IMO. In ancient civilised cultures, the shaman would use medicine to find answers to reality. Much of these findings are just now beginning to be understood and reinterpretted to our rational, left-hemisphere understanding of reality. Whether or not aliens actually visited, I find semi-doubtful, but it is a possibility.

    As for god, I see nature as god and our "creator". As for where nature came from, we'll probably never know..
  16. I just threw out the alien angle because my father very much believes it. See, he grew up Mennonite and strayed from the beliefs in the passing years.

    Now he is studying all types of religions and is leaning on the possibility of aliens being the reason for our existence.

    I am actually pretty interested in it, but still hold firmly that there is something out there that is much bigger than all of us. But I also believe it's in all of us too!

    I am told often that I'm stupid for what I believe. I'm pleased that everyone in this thread is respectful.

    Hmmm, respectful atheists? Never woulda thunk it. ;)
  17. Quit docking around and believe in god.
  18. Then how do you explain cultures with alien reports that don't consume ayahuasca? south america isn't the only area we're talking about here..
  19. It's called a scientific unknown... not "coming from nothing"

    which sounds a lot better then an unfalsabiable claim that "god was always there".
  20. sometimes i think people just like the idea of creation......
    because if they were created ...then they must exist.....
    and if you have faith that you were created....

    you cant simply ignore so many of the questions you find along your way....

    of coarse this also helps you to miss out on much you could learn as well;):smoke:

    and then you dont have to question if you are real...if you are really here...cus you know that some god put you that means you must exist right?;)

    i think most people dont have a fucking clue as to why they do the things they do....cus most dont bother to try and find out why....
    they dont care....
    religion gives them labels they can put on their actions to explain them ...without ever having to do any thinking of their own....

    i could go on and on....

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