Atheist are stupid for thinking something came from nothing?

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  1. Ok, I am an Atheist and have a question for believer who agree with the title.

    I've been confronted multiple times by religious people with questions, and there's one that I have an issue with. Not on any o god can't be real level, but on a common sense level.

    So we atheist believe that the "Universe came from nothing", but where the fuck did god come from? Because the most common answer, that he just is/was/and always will be, basically means he came from nothing, or that he always was so nothing made him, but that's the same fucking thing you just accused me of.

    Every time I have pointed this out, no one gave me a straight answer. I just don't see how you don't see the connection. Idk to me it's self evident that your answer for how the universe was created by god and that he just is, is the same as my big bang, or that the universe was made from "nothing".
  2. nothing is something lol
  3. I don't think atheists are stupid, I just don't agree with atheist beliefs.

    I believe that God is everything...

    So, I'm not sure what exactly you're asking... :(
  4. Since when do we believe that :S
    I believe there are many other universes out there, and our universe was sprouted from something which I don't know of.

    But I do believe in the theory that is (Is it still a theory, I don't remember) that our universe was origional a small condensed energy "bubble" or whatever, and that gravity and randomness helped created the elements, and so fourth after yada yada of years we got here after some chance.

  5. So how did we come to be?

    I think we came from monkeys, where do you think we came from?

    just go along with it trying to explain my question.

  6. Yahh, and then that all plays back to how we came from "nothing", because where did the energy come from, and even if you have an answer it'll be question away to nothing. That's how my stand on evolution has been argued away to us coming from nothing.

    Ask them the same, they say god made us, who made god? He just is, or saying nothing made him.

    So i don't see how people can argue someone with your view, came from nothing, but god is an ok answer, sense he came from "nothing".
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    I'm not entirely sure where we came from. It could be any number of things. Maybe it was one of those right place, right time kinda things. Like, the conditions were perfect to create a human. I don't believe we came from monkeys.

    But since you do, where did the monkeys come from?

    I mean, you don't accept that we came from God because you don't know where God came from... So before I accept your answer I need to know where the monkeys came from. :)

  8. OK, where does the bible say we came from?

    Monkeys evolved from germs, I think you get the idea.
  9. I don't really agree with the title but I think you've obviously misunderstood what god means..

    God is said to be eternal, having no end nor beginning. That right there answers your question, god was never created and was not made from anything for it is everlasting.

    The way we experience time is nothing as how it truly exists outside our perceptions. Just because we are limited by time does not mean that which has created time is limited by it as well, if that makes sense. The creator is outside it's own creation.
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    I don't believe in the bible. But I also don't think we evolved from bacteria.

  11. But as a nonbeliever I see your answer as nothing, where you see it as a fulfilling answer.

    Telling me that he was never created, that he has no beginning or end, would be the same as saying the universe just happened to forum because of gravity and a surplus charge of energy resulting in the big bang.

    I guess I see them as the same answer to the same question but I don't understand how it's representing opposing sides of the spectrum.

    As for time, humans created time, just like we created any other tool.

    This is also directed at religions that offer a "man in the cloud".

  12. We'll what is your belief then, because the "right conditions", sounds like an evolution set up.

  13. if u believe in evolution we didn't come from monkeys we came from a common ancestor as the monkey
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    I just mean the right conditions. Two things come together and bam humans. I do not believe we all came from bacteria in a lake.

    I don't claim to know how we got her, I just have a strong feeling it wasn't from a single cell organism.
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    Last common ancestor, is considered the youngest thing that all living creature on earth atm evolved from, not just monkeys.

    edit- never mind, I assume you mean the "Great apes", I used monkey because the general public know it as that.

  16. We'll what were these two things? I'm sorry but I'm looking for a straight answer on your belief for how we came to be, or do you just feel we happened?

  17. im just saying that we didn't come from monkeys cause a lot of people think that if u believe in evolution u believe we came from monkeys which is not true

  18. We'll no, I understand, I was using monkey as a starting point, working backwards, my bad.
  19. thats not very scientific.

    people for some reason dont like the word science, why not?

    its just this, hey look these bones appear to morph over time.

    let me ask you something.

    Is the fossile record just a coincidental dying off of similar looking creatures becomming extinct in just the right order to make it look like evolution?

    There are not many explainationg for the fossile record, or carbon dating, or the DNA testing of fossiles showing slight genetic changes, and common ancestery across all life (all life is like 50% genetically the same) other than evolution.

    if you dont believe in evolution then you need the following plus some
    alternate explaination of the apperant morphing in the fossile record
    alternate explaination as to why life all has the same DNA
    alternate explaination for shown genetic drift, mutation, and microevolution experaments
    alternate explaination for heredity and the ability to make hybrids, and how hybrids are not examples of evolution

  20. haha its cool i wasn't trying to be a dick or any thing but that what alot of people think when its not true:smoke:

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