Atheist= ? about marriage

Discussion in 'General' started by GanstaSmoker, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. yes we do. but why should i feel obligated to be married to someone based on some paper definition of togetherness?

    why cant i just live my life the way i want to and the way im most comfortable?

    im not saying i wouldnt get married, its just we dont have the money to have the nice little ceremony thta she would more than likely have.

    we have also discussed just going to a courthouse and having a dude marry us, but that takes money still. plus its not that big a deal to either of us. and i have told her that i could live with just her but im still gonna have my sexual exploits.

    there is no reason that we absolutely must be married, so why do it? its all this superfluous shit that makes this world as complicated as it is. marriage started out as a religious sanctity so why would i want to participate in something i dont believe in?

    mormons on one extreme end have all sorts of marriage rules. i dont go by the rules of some guy claiming to be the voice of god. im going to run my marriage the way i feel best and what works for me. i only have this one life to enjoy so i will enjoy it the way i like and not worry about pissing off some god just cuz i put my dick in some other bitch outside of my marriage.

    im not gonna conform to that long line of hereditary ignorance. im thinking for myself and questioning authority.

    what i hear when i see church stuff on tv is "im the conduit to the big man and i just got done talking with him over some hot chocolate an little marshmallows and he told me that the more give, the more you live and the more you pay the less you gotta pray"

    its not my cup of tea and marriage is fine to show on paper, but im not gonna do it for religious purposes and the initial ideal for marriage is to show faith to your god that you are living your life as spiritually clean as possible.

    so again, why should i get married just i have a kid with someone?

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