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  1. It is the only real non-prophet organization.
  2. Doesn't Atheism make you the Prophet, technically? ;) :p
  3. im what way?

  4. As is not stamp collecting.
  5. A prophet delivers the message of god to humanity.

    If there is no message, from no god, and the message is 'there is no god', who's delivering the message?
  6. nobody delivers the message because a true atheist doesnt try to convert people.
  7. So then who tells you there's no god? :p
  8. once again true atheist work it out themselves, and do not need somebody to tell them there is no god. tru atheism isnt something you learn it is something you discover.
  9. That is easy. I do. As would any other atheist say, they do.

    To borrow a metaphor from Dawkins, herding atheists is a bit like herding cats.

    Good luck.

    We got no prophet, no authority, to tell us what to think. We manage to think for our self. That is what makes us dangerous and threatening to the religious powers that are. They do not like anyone thinking for themselves, that reduce their power-base...

    Which is why through history, and in islamic societies today, free thought is frowned upon.

    Better have a few wolves feeding on the sheep, than the sheep developing teeth to bite back with...
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    Yet, alas, you all believe the same thing.

    No god, no message, so who tells you there's no god?



    EDIT: The point, by the way, is that everyone discovers their religion, whether there's a higher being involved or no. Atheism is a religion, believe it or not, if it wasn't it wouldn't exist. ;)

    'Jesus' is supposedly inside us all. He delivered the 'message of god'. So what's the difference between him and you?
  11. this is true, atheism is technically the "religion of non-belief" or just another form of faith. I used to be atheist, though I cannot say what exactly I am now. But i digress, atheism is more of a self-awareness, and belief in your own self if anything. I still don't believe in a higher power, but I do believe that I control my own life and that I can shape my own reality and future with the choices I make. And I don't need some higher being telling me what is right and what is wrong to do all this because humans TRUE nature is actually very peaceful and nonviolent. Unfortunately we all cling to the one thing that causes our suffering...our egocentric minds. It goes a lot deeper than this but atheism helped me come to this realization, along with books and documentaries. I think that atheism is the first step to becoming spiritually liberated, at least, it was for me.
  12. i agree.

    christianity theres way tooo many holes and it contradicts itself a million times.

    i believe in logic and thats christians and catholics biggest fear, thats why they rely so heavily on faith.
    bc who cares if your wrong or that shit doesnt add up your suppose to just "believe"

    im sorry but 1+1=2
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    I'm not sure that I'd call atheism a religion.

    I don't see a single definition that fits my idea of atheism. I think that what makes someone an atheist is simply not believing in a god. Why would that be a theology in an of its self? That just doesn't make sense to me.

    We DON'T all have the same views. I have way too many arguments with atheists on reddit in regards to means of spreading what I consider rationality. Furthermore, the lack of a belief in a god frees atheists to do what they wish with their lives. It allows me to live for my own reasons, which often differ from other atheists.

    What is the difference between Jesus and myself? I'm not dead. I didn't get crucified. Not to mention that I don't have a bitchin' beard. See, you're trying to identify atheism through your religious ideas. You say that Jesus is in each of us, but I just don't believe that. There probably was a Jesus. He was probably a pretty cool dude with a bitchin' beard. He was also probably black and not born in December. But I don't think that he was the son of any god. I don't believe that he loves me. I don't believe that he knows me. So when you try to use your faith based ideas as logical arguments, I cringe. Logic and rationality require empirical evidence. What you have is faith, and I respect that, but don't suggest that it pertains to atheism.

    You know, I don't even think that most people DO choose their own religion. Perhaps there is the illusion of a choice, but the vast majority of theists that I have ever met follow the same god(s) as their parents. I have known hindus, christians, jews, etc, and the vast majority of them did not make the choice, just as I didn't choose to speak English when I was born. I learned what my parents taught me. What made me choose atheism over theism is what I consider rational discourse free from faith. I questioned the ideas presented by each of the respective religions that I have encountered and found that I could not identify with any of them. On top of that, I examined the usual behavior of those theists that I have interacted with. I often found them to be... shallow in their thinking. Let me explain. I feel that theists insulate themselves from outside ideas that challenge their own through the use of the devil (or other evil entity). As soon as one starts to question the word of their god, whomever that god is, the others around them rush to warn against the temptation of evil. I see that as repression of knowledge. And I will always fight repression of knowledge. These are the primary reasons I choose to deny the existence of a god.

    No one came to me and told me.

    I had an argument with myself for several years and came to a conclusion.
  14. Sounds lilke Atheism to me. There's such a stigma to the word 'religion' now.. Those damn Christian fundamentalists. :devious:

    Negative doesn't equal nonexistent.

    You agree there's no god, which you admit is the entire basis for your life path. Variations on a theme.

    It may be less structured, but it's still a religion. You have faith in your evidence good sir, as does anyone else. 'Empirical evidence' is as universal as 'left'. I do indeed suggest Atheism takes a good strong grip on faiths's nutsack just as any other 'thought'.

    My religious ideas incorporate all religious ideas, religious or not. ;) :) I don't see Jesus as a man, I don't see the bible as a literal story. I see the architecture, and the meaning behind the image the words create.

    Me too. :)
  15. Not believing in god does not explain the purpose of the universe, every athesit thinks differently do you not grasp that. One might think the big bang started everything, one might not even care or think about it. Atheism is not real, a person can only be described as an atheist, someone who doesn't believe in god. In that sense some buddists are atheists, but there still classified as buddists, do you see religion does not depend on whether you believe in god or not, its the values and assosiated ideas that make it important
  16. u should get rep for that block of text.
  17. A non belief in a god has nothing to do with the creation or nature of the universe?:confused:

    What are the values of atheism besides the lack of god?
  18. A relative set of morals. No one Atheist would classify their moral standards as general guide lines to Atheism, that's the beauty of it.
  19. i go to cook and eat my steak and my little pun has turned into a legit thread, and those religious leaders doubt evolution...

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