Atheism Is A Faith Based Position

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  1. what is consdiered evidence? Perpetual energy? Proof of excess by sound which the bible teaches as God's method of creation, would this, if said way is in the same book, be proof?

  2. This makes sense even with a head full of acid.
  3. You should seriously write a book. You have a great way of explaining things.
  4. Let's see what the dictionary says... There are a lot of definitions, but most people would consider 'evidence' as being the ones I've bolded.



    [​IMG] /ˈɛv[​IMG]ɪ[​IMG]dəns/ [​IMG] Show Spelled [ev-i-duh[​IMG]ns] [​IMG] Show IPA noun, verb,-denced, -denc·ing.
    –noun1. that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.
    2. something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign: His flushed look was visible evidence of his fever.
    3. Law. data presented to a court or jury in proof of the facts in issue and which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.

    –verb (used with object)4. to make evident or clear; show clearly; manifest: He evidenced his approval by promising his full support.
    5. to support by evidence: He evidenced his accusation with incriminating letters.

    -Idiom6. in evidence, plainly visible; conspicuous: The first signs of spring are in evidence.

    Basically... 'Evidence' is something you can observe, and that others can observe. It would be something where there is no longer the possibility of it being something else. Something others could witness, and test out for themselves... Not a book, written by people, thousands of years ago - before there was a scientific method, before people were educated - back when people thought 'god' was the cause of EVERYTHING... Which we not KNOW to not be true.

    Isn't it odd how religion changes, as science gains knowledge? Ever stop to think about that? Examples:

    1.) Church believes god created everything in 6 days, and that Earth is only about 10,000 years old.
    2.) Science proves Earth is much older.
    3.) Many of those in the church, now, do not hold to the 10,000 year old earth theory. Many believe the "days" in Genesis were periods of millions of years.

    Another example:

    1.) Church believe god created everything.
    2.) Science provides overwhelming evidence that we evolved.
    3.) Most 'religious' people believe that "god" made evolution take place - Instead of just admitting that it most likely happened on its own.

    People believe in god because they're afraid of the consequences if they don't. Atheists don't believe in god, because there is no evidence to suggest there is a god to believe in.

    Where are these things which do not have a possible natural explanation? There is nothing whatsoever that can be claimed as "evidence" for the existence of god - which doesn't also have a possible natural explanation... Which means it's not evidence at all - by the very definition of the word. Evidence is something that leaves no room for doubt (which is why they call it "evidence" in court - it's what makes it CLEAR that the person is guilty)... Faith leaves room for doubt (and actually, by the definition of the word faith) requires that there NOT be evidence. If there were evidence supporting it - you wouldn't need faith to believe in it. You'd just need to be capable of logical/rational thinking.
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    atheism is having faith in science and the capacity of everything to explained (not necessarily by us).

    theism is having faith in something beyond explanation altogether.

    best i can do right there homie.
    neither is proven. but there are strong indicators that atheism is the more logical decision @ this point. for me, at least. just because we're intelligent beings and can't explain something doesn't mean it's altogether inexplicable.
    note: i was agnostic until about 2 years ago.
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    false - god hasn't been disproved. his territory is just dying as science and technology advances :laughing:
    therefore atheism is still a "belief" and not a fact. otherwise it wouldn't be so controversial. it's crazy man. in 2010, explaining why you believe god doesn't exist to a religious person is like the socially incorrect equivalent of telling a hot girl you bump into on the street what you want to do to her sexually. :laughing:

    it's like the most socially unacceptable topic nationwide. it's fucked!
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  8. Feiry flora spamme dmy visitor message with incredibly hate filled anti-atheist rhetoric. He thinks we should all be fired from our jobs and treated as second class citizens. I reccomend no one takes him to seriously. Just a quick thing before he gets going with his normally hate-filled speach.
  9. whatever, you came to my profile and told me to talk to you through those means, calling names spitting hate...:hello:
  10. look - fieryflora - i respect that you believe in religion & god.
    i don't. for many reasons that i'll save you the trouble of.

    if you disrespect that - am i not following god's ideals more than you? i think i am! cause God loves all of his creations, right?
  11. Here i will help you...

    Look up evolution in genetics, evolution, look up "the family tree"(Phylogeny)...

    Please, we can talk about the coding we have but do not have that says we could have tails,...or whatever...

    Science you say, I do know a litte about this...let's talk about science..

    But please look up something and learn the freaking proper terms first.:hello::wave:

  12. How is debating the subject matter disrespecting you? Show in a conversation where i have been disrespectful. I have called ignorance of facts just that. The misuse of terms, the misapplication of hisotrical accounts..I pointed it out>What???
  13. i'm not trying to be all "proper" about this right now, my friend. i'm trying to be logically philosophical.
    there are atheistic scientists and theistic scientists. that's not my point. i already explained that both my atheism and your theism are both "beliefs". therefore we can't entirely prove the other wrong. so this argument is really useless. but just know - i've done my fair share of reading.

    PS - the disrespect wasn't direct. it was based on what my boy TearDownGod explained in this thread (what you posted on his page).
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    I have to respectfully disagree.

    Atheism is when you go beyond faith... Faith is when you believe without evidence... Atheism is the exact opposite of that. Atheism is observing that there is no evidence suggesting that there is a god, so what reason is there to believe one is there? Just like one would scoff the idea of faeries, because there's no evidence for them to... That's the same mentality atheists have towards god. It's not our faith in science. It's the lack of evidence which would suggest that there's a god. Anything that can be used as 'evidence', can just as easily have a natural explanation, which does not require a supreme being.

    Atheism is not faith in anything. It is realize that 'god' was created back before people knew any better, and that due to the complete lack of evidence, there is no real need to believe he/she/it exists. Much like one wouldn't believe in trolls, or unicorns, because there's no evidence suggesting otherwise. An atheist doesn't believe in god - for the same reasons.

    I don't know what your beliefs are. Just sayin is all.

    Personally, I don't believe in god. But if some undeniable proof were to surface, I'd admit I was wrong, and change my views. I consider myself a spiritual person, though... But not religious at all.

    EDIT: Not saying you're religious... Just elaborating on what you said. I don't think atheism is faith at all. I see it more as a lack of faith - or realizing that faith is unnecessary, if you will. Because one can believe in evolution and god, and not have those views conflict.
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    Please post these assaults for us to see...and we will see what exactly was said by that seemed to scare him.

    I simple told him the truth of what is coming...that is all...make no error on this, it is coming.

    All the prophets from the old Testament to the New Testament to Mohammad to Nostradomus to Edgar Casey ect ect ect...

    Jewish, Muslim, Christian, secular psychics...

    It is right here, upon us. A recent discovery opened the way.:wave:
  16. i respect that! and also have to respectfully assume that you meant you respectfully disagree :smoke:

    i'm an atheist. don't believe in god - and believe that religion is a plague to humanity. i'm just sayin - religious people still are capable of passing their beliefs off because humans and science can't explain certain things yet (and maybe never). therefore, however rational atheism might be now, it's still technically a belief or theory.

    that's just my way of lookin at it. i believe in the 'theory' 100% though. to me it's a fact.
  17. Bolded 1:


    Yeah man... I'm kinda :smoke: atm. :D

    Bolded 2:

    Such as?

    Any thing they could use (like 'how did the universe get here'), that can be be used as evidence for god, can just as equally be used in the same manner, for the opposing argument... An example:

    Religious side: How was the universe created?
    Atheist side: How was god created?
    Religious: He always was, he's eternal.
    Atheist: Same can be said about the universe, though. If it is possible that a magical supreme being has always existed, t is possible that everything in our universie has always existed.
    Religious: Something as complex as the universe can only have been created. It's very complexity makes it impossible to have just always been. It HAD to have been created.
    Atheist: If that is true, then the same must be true for god. Because, in order to create something as complex as the universe - The creator would have to be as complex, if not more complex, as what is being created. So therefore, if the universe - due to it's very complexity - HAD to be created... Then god HAD to be created too, because he is just as complex, or more complex, than that which was created.

    Then there's the claims of "miracles"... Which are largely placebo, and quite a bit are also flat out lies... The human mind is a very powerful object, and sometimes - just the determination to live, and the faith that you are going to be healed, is enough to actually make a difference in how your body fights the disease. Studies show that people who are optimistic about their survival have better recovery rates, than those who are pessimistic.

    That's why I say that there is not a single solid argument someone can give for why a person should believe in god, that doesn't have a logical, natural explanation - which does not require a supreme being (not to you, but to someone else).

    I love debating religious people, though... I used to be a Bible thumper, and even went to a VERY good bible college... So I know my shit, lol. I could also play devil's advocate fairly well, and provide some interesting, thought-provoking reasons for why you might want to consider believing in god, lol. I can effectively disprove just about every 'contradiction' in the Bible I've ever come across... 'Cept a few that I discovered in bible school... That shit's a trip..
  18. At times it takes faith to not have faith.

  19. Is this to me? There is no quote. But no your logical is flawed in that God does not have to be created but if He was it has no bearing on making any other points then God was created.

    for two there is no evidence, empirical or otherwise to even remotely siggest there is any reason to believe life came from non life material. all...anywhere.

    So to begin you case you need some or else you are acting on faith.

    on the other hand we have the bible. What you called fairy tales, lies, silly superstition ect ect...

    in the bible we have the plans for a simple device paradigmed after the pattern of the universe that says atheistic science is full of shit and sound made and matter.

    This device turns sound into energy..Harnessable energy...You see you are right about those poor guys back then...

    They did not have what they needed to make full use of it like we do...but let me tell you right now...we do...and we can.

    Yes, we can.:hello:

    So about your 'credentials'...please forgive my lack of enthusiasm.

    But if you...'"..know'...your shit", then tell me how to find the secret to perpetual energy, where it is and how to retrieve from those old, ancient pages, tell me to how to lay out the device, what the materials are, what the measurements are, and how to ..."cut it on".

    If you cannot...then like i said...excuse my lack of enthusiasm.

    And before you tell me to show you...well, I have been showing that since I came here...and will show more God willing.

    Talk to me in the reincarnation thread...That will help.:wave:
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    Flora fucking asked me too. Sorry. Just so your aware of who you're arguing with. I can't see his messages so it's whatever. I'm leaving it at this.

    PS- Juuuust so your aware who your debating ;D he really isn't worth the time :(

    Edit- It seems whilst I was gone Penelope420 killed the thread with her amazing arguing prowess.

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