Atheism Does Not Exist.. Just Hear Me Out

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  1. ok ok nvm i didnt make my pt correctly obxiously and again it was to b a discussion not to offend anyone or say that anyone is wrong

  2. You didn't quite make your point correctly because your theory is wrong. Atheism is simply to be without religion. You don't have to have a religion to believe in theories like the big bang. You're just exhibiting a lack of understanding in what atheism is.
  3. i dont think any of you understand the definition of atheist
    that is all
    ignorance at its finest haha
  6. OP, you're thinking of a nihilist, not an atheist
  7. what i was trying to say is that for example in my ignostic belief i see science as the whole of life. but the force of nature, the cause of science is the reason for all that is. so technically wouldnt that mean that i believe in a god... that my "god" would be the force of nature. i dont remember the term but its similar to the philosophy where did god come from.. so in turn i was questioning that whether u acknowledge the presence of a god or diety and u follow this never ending sequence of philosophy the only way to understand is to keep finding reasoning. and if u have an unexplaineable reason for life then it could be considered very similar to having a god or diety or religion all together. the point was saying that in a way atheism is a quote unquote religion, just someone elses way of feeling at ease without having to admit or acknowlede the presence of a greater being. i was trying to compare that having any reasoning is very similar to religion. christians, hindus, muslims, any religion with a god has made it so that when they were no longer capable of following or understanding this philosophical path that god was their quick ending. so to be an atheist i would feel that u would have to follow this path forever or give up the right to have any understanding of where life really came from. its not ignorance, just taking a play on words and philosophy if u want to call it that.
  8. atheism isn't a religion. nor is it giving up any right to understanding where life came from. you're just talking out of your ass.
  9. ok someone obv cannot undrstand what im trying to say. never said it was religion or that anyone had to give up anything. i was discussing the similarity along with the openess of what belief is. its called opening ur mind to different concepts
  10. its not trying to say that something is fact nor is it fiction. nor is it the argument of the existence of god or whether someone believes or not
  11. people always feel like theyre being attacked the second someone throws a different idea into place. is it really so hard for people to discuss an idea or open their mind to it without being bias. u can c it in almost every post about religion
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    Oh, I am an Atheist and I KNOW that & I have proven that there is no MEANINGFUL God and/or Satan and you can prove that, too.

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    fuck! that original post was hard on the brain
  14. One cannot open his mind to concepts that don't logically follow and are contradictory. 
    Great video.
  16. Very good video.
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    I thought the op was going to say "you never see an atheist on a plane that's about to crash"...  meaning if they were face to face with death, they would be praying frantically.... thus atheism really doesn't exist.
    That would have been a better argument. But still not true.... just true for MOST so called atheists.
    I'm not an atheist, or religious.... nor do I have any beliefs at all. Just ideas and theories.
  18. so, to sum it up, OP doesnt understand what atheism means...or theism i guess...
  19. Wrong. To say that religion answers these questions implies that some religion is right. Sure, religion attempts to answer these questions, but there is no evidence to support the answers that the religions we have provide. There is no religion with facts backing up its tenets.

    Wrong again. To be an atheist means that you don't believe in god(s). Please, do research on topics that you don't know about before posting about them.

    Why is it that the National Academy of Sciences is largely dominated by atheists?

    Well by definition, you are.

    This is the first time I've heard this one, haha. Actually, most atheists do believe this and it is perfectly compatible with atheism.

    That belief is perfectly compatible with atheism. It is also what most atheists believe.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong! Seriously, where are you getting your definition of atheism? Atheism is the answer to the question of whether or not there is a god or gods.

    No. Your argument fails because you have no idea what atheism is about. Seriously, you need to do some research on this stuff. It's not that hard.
    This was the end of the thread right here.
    Atheism =/= Nihilism.

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