Atheism Does Not Exist.. Just Hear Me Out

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  1. Now hear me out before arguing the point. religion is ones answers to the 5 beginner philosophical questions... where did we come from, why are we hear, where do we go when we die, how did the world start, and does the world actually exist. to say you are an atheist means that u believe in nothing. but thats impossible. if u believe in the big bang and science u r not an atheist. if u believe theres something out there but its not god, u r not an atheist. if u believe that there is nothing after death and life just ends, u r not an atheist. if u believe we are only materical bodies and not souls, u r not an atheist. to say u r an atheist means that u believe there was no begining, no end, no life at all really... and to believe that means that u r not an atheist. if u have ever once asked any of these questions, whether u have or have not found an answer, that means u cannot be an atheist. it is nonexistent, because to even believe that u r alive at this moment means u cannot b an atheist.

  2. i'm not an atheist but the word means no belief in God doesnt mean no belief in absolutely anything.
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  4. thnx jayfoxpox.  and let me explain more  i mean that they all are relation to the god. god is just the reason behind ur answers, whether the force of nature in science, the man like god in most typical religions, a spirit, of even just a cause. so yes i c where ur coming from but any belief is in relation to some form of a god if the belief has a reason behind it.  idk just a thogut..  oh n not trying to b offensive to anyone either
  5. but i also c the concept where some of those gods would not b worshiped and a person not wishing to follow any type of worship. just seems a littlee drastic to say that u cannot have agod when god could be anything. he she or it is just the silverling withing a person for what cannot be anwered. in no offense i just feel like u would loose all hope in the end.
  6. So to rephrase your stance , we cannot believe in anything without believe in anything without believe in God because the source of everything is the source of God?
    Isn't that begging the question?
  7. hm i guess so. just saying that i think god, religon, all of it is just a persons way of feeling at ease with the unkown. it cant really be catigorized as belief or disbelief. just being at ease. rather than asking a person if they believe in god, just say "are you at ease?"
  8. not everyone who is at ease believes in god. wat
  9. Atheism is the rejection of the existence of dieties. Quit over thinking things and let people define themselves as athiests. You just made your own definition of atheists.

    And really why does it matter to you if someone calls themselves an atheist? There are bigger things to worry about in life than what people call themselves.
  10. Sorry. It's "here" and "you" ... that's all the further I got.
  11. Were you high when you came up with this OP?
    What is tfo?
  13. hahahaha it's a typo.
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    According to google, atheism is:
    The theory or belief that a god does not exist.

    I prefer to state it as having no faith in supernatural explanations.
    According to google, agnosticism is:
    The denial of ultimate knowledge of the existence of any god.

    I prefer to state it as believing that knowledge of the supernatural - by its very definition - is not available in the natural world.
    Your rant had absolutely nothing to do with any of this.  You invented a strawman and then punched it for a paragraph and I suppose you felt clever doing so.
  15. Yeah not the best post of all time O.P
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    I believe that you posted this on grasscity forums.
    The big bang and science do not exhibit the characteristics of a deity. 
    I believe there are stars and galaxies out there. And lots of space dust. Once again, these things don't exhibit common characteristics attributed to a deity.
    Well that just contradicts your first point of an atheist as someone who believes in nothing. 
    So does this mean a soul is non-material? I don't believe everyone is "not souls". Look at James Brown. He's got enough soul for everyone on earth.
    If you're saying because I believe that I am alive and that implies I'm a theist, well I guess I must be god then. Which is good because by the power I vested into myself, I hereby force you go back to grammar school. 
  17. You can't just change the definition of a word. 
  18. If athiesm doesn't exist, then it's still possible nothing exists. Ain't that quite the rather ironic paradox?
  19. Quick 10 second search of "Atheist Definition" on Google brought up this on Dictionary.Com an Atheist by definition is (direct copy and paste) 

    a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.
    Not to sure where you got that definition that they don't believe in anything at all..Atheists don't believe in "nothing" they can believe that world was created in whatever way they want, they can believe that people were created in any way they want. I think this should be posted in pandoras box, this is more of a troll thread. A 10 second search proves that you're WAY off by like a billion miles with your definition of an Atheist.
    With your logic that means a "Theist" (the opposite of an Atheist) must believe in EVERYTHING right? Since they're opposite to Athiesm.. Does that mean they believe tele-tubbies are real, just very elusive creatures? Does that mean they believe in Unicorns? Logic make's no sense, obviously a troll thread. 
    I'm sure that most people would trust a dictionaries definition of Atheism over yours. Unfortunately people don't get to just make up what they think a word means, or should mean. So sorry there's definitely such thing as Atheist and they do believe in things they just don't believe humans and the worlds was created in the same way a theist does, most believe in scientific reasons like evolution and the big bang theory....Lol I don't know if I should feel irritated that you said something so ignorant, or if I should feel bad for arguing with what very well could be the equivalent of a real life Forest Gump (borderline retarded).
  20. Atheism.doesn't mean you don't believe in anything LOL.

    It means you don't believe in "God"

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