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  1. I've got a question:

    If someone DOESN'T believe in God, why organize yourselves in a group? Why label yourself? Does an atheist believe there is no God?

    If a man of faith can not prove God's existence to an atheist, can an atheist disprove God's existence?

    Prove to me God does not exist atheists.

    I believe atheists are sookie babies who just want attention so they say things to instigate people....INSTIGATE-Y THINGS!

    I say to atheists, LIVE AND LET LIVE. Enjoy what makes you unique as well as what makes others unique.

    And so on and so forth.

    P.S. : God told me to write this, but Jesus didn't because he got debunked and doesn't go on these forums anymore.

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    I live and let live, and what does not believing in God have to do with labels? I'm not sure how you're trying to prove God exists by saying there's no way to prove he doesn't, but here's something.

    There's no way you can prove that I am not God, does that automatically make me God? What I'm trying to say is you don't have to believe in everything one says because there's no way to prove otherwise.

    And why would God make us with urges that are supposed to send us to hell, let all those wars be and such?

    BTW, I have no problem with anyone believing whatever they think is right, that's fine with me. I'm just a really big sceptic, was not raised with a religion and always believed in Science.
  3. If the concept of God didn't exsist, I wouldn't be an Atheist.
    But it does, so I'm classified as an Atheist. :cool:
  4. atheists dont believe in god because there is an absence of evidence (at least for me).

    we cant prove anything, neither can you. I am an atheist because there is no proof, and all religion is corrupt and makes no sense
  5. Atheism isn't an organized religion. You act like atheists hoard themselves together and go around looking to start fights. Of course there is a label for it, there is a label for almost everything in the english language. You don't see groups of atheists handing out books oustide of a school trying to disprove god. You don't see T.V. marathons of atheists asking people for their hard earned money. We don't threaten to blow up churches, or infringe on people's marriage rights.

    Honestly, I don't see what the problem with atheists is anyways. Aren't we doing you a favor by challenging your faith ?
  6. The irony.
  7. this is how i see it. if someone wants to believe in a religion i dont have a problem with it, and i expect the same towards me. i do think religion is a cult though. they try to collect members. when you die something special happens to ya. im not falling for it.
  8. it breaks down to light and dark(or shadow)

    where would we be with out all this light. and its actually so bright and our life is just out eyes adjusting to the brightness(waking up)

    star son

  9. By making threads to "challenge" peoples beliefs? Is that what "live and let live" means? :confused:
  10. Its pretty much impossible to prove that something that doesn't exist, doesn't exist. I would just like to see people think about the issue rationally.
    If someone walked up to you and said they just had a conversation with a talking burning bush what would be your response?
  11. The best answer would be that because groups can better withstand the abuse doled out by religious groups. Perhaps you do not recognize how short a stick that is given to atheists. Perhaps you do not take part in the hatred that we are subjected to. Perhaps you are not party to excluding us from many activities that we require based purely on our lack of faith.

    But it happens.
  12. Personally I think atheism is just as narrowminded as theism.
  13. I'm hoping it's a troll.
    It could be serious, but I'm going to have faith in humanity for once.

    You do realize you MUST be an atheist, or a theist, do you not?
    I realize you're thinking "but zomg I'm an Agnostic!"

    You cannot be completely neutral.
    Atheism is the belief that God does not exist.
    Theism is the belief that God exists.

    You can only believe or disbelieve. The is the nature of faith (an opinion).

    edit: and as insightful as "everyone is narrow-minded" is, that is not what you meant.
    That is fucking insightful tho.
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    Atheism and Christianity are very similar. Both believe in their ways without evidence.

    I'm agnostic, we take pride in not knowing jack shit when it comes to God.

    He may exist, he may not.

    Wrong, agnostics are the true neutral party in the debate of whether God does or does not exist. I am open to the possibility of God existing, but I'm also not one who can believe in something without knowing for sure it exists. Some people compare God to the wind. You can't see the wind they say, but you know it's there. That's true, but I can feel the wind on my face. I can see it blow leaves off a tree. I've even seen it pick up large objects and hurl them great distances. That's how I know the wind is there. There's scientific evidence to back up the existence of wind.

    The same cannot be said about God. That may be part of his divine plan, but why make it so confusing?
  15. I dont want to be a dick, But arent u the one wanting attention?:confused:
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    Atheist do believe in God.. but we call it "Nature."

  17. Off of the "live and live" idea I don't care if there's a god or not. Knowing that there is a god changes people into what they think (or know) what god would want them to do thus the person would be living just appease god and not to truly be a good person, which the all knowing god would know and could see through.
    A truly good person (what ever that really means) would not need a god to guide them through life. They would act as good people, not needing the pressures of a god to make them act good.

    That why i say, And I act as myself, not for some spirit in the sky. So why does knowing that there is a god or not really make a difference, if god already know who I really am?

    if god likes or dislikes me, i cant really change that.

    but if there is no god, who cares?

  18. .. Agnostic is not a BELIEF.

    Even if you are open to the possibility of God existing, you BELIEVE that he does, or you BELIEVE that he does not.
    You cannot be truly neutral: it's an opinion.

    You might not care whether you get chocolate or vanilla, but you do have a slight preference.

    The terms Agnostic Atheist and Agnostic Theist exist for a reason. Theist and Atheist are labels, whereas Agnosticism is something self declared.
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    I don't understand. Are you saying that I only think I'm agnostic and that I'm really either atheist or theist? You're full of shit if that's what you're saying.

    I don't know if God exists. I would prefer a world where he did, but it doesn't appear that way. But God supposedly works in mysterious ways so who the hell knows?

    Agnosticism is the belief that God may exist, but there's no real way to prove or disprove it. How is that not a belief?
  20. It was a joke, my friends.


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