ATF or Jack Herer?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by NMCOGuy, Aug 10, 2018 at 12:08 AM.

  1. Gunna nab me a half oz, maybe an oz, of one or the other. Alaskan Thunder Fuck or Jack Herer.

    Which one guys and gals? I haven’t tried either before! I’m mostly an indica or hybrid guy but I want something for a good daytime high!

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  2. If it was me, ATF. I've never tried it before
    and I looked all over Amsterdam for it
    both times I was there.
  3. maybe I’ll just hack it and buy a half of each!

    I really want to try Jack Herer but ATF is a famous strain that should be on the bucket list along with white widow IMO.
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  4. Jack Herer and ATF? Buy 1/2 of each. #1 and #2 of my favorite all time strains.
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  5. I would buy both!
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  6. Jack if it were me but I’m also a indica guy
  7. I went ahead and got a half of each. I’ll share pics later when I get a chance! Really busy with a new puppy and work!
  8. Well I lit up a mild spliff with some ATF in it. A very good smoke with excellent flavor. The high was very mild but energetic and happy.


    I give y’all Alaskan Thunder Fuck!
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  9. They both have a fairly similar smell and taste profile, the ATF is a little more lemon citrus smell and the Jack Herer is a little more pine tree smell. The ATF is a better smoke and flavor IMO. Leafy has it about right for effects too.

    I think the Jack Herer is a little more mellow of a buzz though. I did the ATF about 4 hours ago and just hit a little of the Jack Herer a couple minutes ago.

    The ATF was definitely a bit of a creeper for me. But it was a an enjoyable high and I didn’t get a spinning effect either.
  10. So I been hitting the ATF pretty good for the last three days and it is definately one of my personal favorites.

    The Jack Herer is still good but the ATF is a very comfortable high for me. It’s not overbearing although it is a bit of a creeper. We did some of the ATF in a vaporizer at 415 degrees and it produced a more calm yet focused (not drowsy) effect.

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