Ate the joint!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SWED, May 6, 2011.

  1. I've been meaning to make a thread about this for a while. I was blazing with my girlfriend on a baseball field bench, at the local high school at around 930pm when she says in a very startled and serious way:

    "Oh shit a cop!"
    "Right behind me?!" (Thinking this cop was feet away)
    *Eats the lit joint*

    So my girl was facing me in one direction and I was facing her in another, so I couldn't see said cop. My first thought was this cop was feet away and I was about to get busted.

    After eating the disgusting half smoked joint I turn around and theres a cop car in the parking lot......... 45 feet away...........

    I didn't say two words, got up, and walked away :mad: as the cop drove off not paying us any attention. I was pretty mad but looking back its kinda funny. :rolleyes:

  2. haha thats funny as fuck mate
  3. better to be safe than sorry!!
  4. Yo I fucking hate that shit... Il be in the car with my dealer and he will say oh shit cop... So im all pins and needles muscles clenched shoving shit in my crotch and I look up and he is in another parking lot 400 yards away im thinking he like has us blocked in about to run up on my window. fucking sucks Id be pissed too as Im guessing that was the only bud you had on you
  5. at least you have this story to tell ur kids,.
  6. Ahahaha. That made my morning.
  7. Old hippie saying- "Never hold more than you can eat. Never eat more than you can hold."
  8. Fuck cops I could be carrying nothing on me at all, but as long as I'm high and see one my heart drops. such a buzzkill.
  9. Yeah i get so sketchy, even when its just an ambulance. I just can't draw myself away from the fact they could be undercover cops in there about to bust out and take me down :D

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