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  1. I ate some nutmeg approx. 2 and a half hours ago (like 4 pm) I bought whole nutmegs, and since i couldnt find anything to grind it up, i just ate them how they were. had like 2 and 3/4. (im a female and like 116 lbs) right now im just sleepy still. and certain things are uncordinated but mostly im cool, which is dissapointing. Hopefully there is more to come for the rest of the night...
    But i was wondering if anyone else has tried feelin high on nutmeg lol
  2. hope you dont end up with a hangover from that.
    I hear nutmeg ones are terrible.
  3. Fuck nut meg, do real drugs.
  4. Can't you OD and die from nutmeg?:eek:
  5. well i got too tired at like 9 and slept. woke up at 530 with a pretty enjoyable high. No hangover right now or anything, i just feel like my face is sort of droopy.

    anddd im tryin to find the best legal high, so im tryin everything haha
  6. So hard up for a high you ate nutmeg? That doesnt sound smart. Enjoy being sober.
  7. yeah.. before you know it you will be scraping paint off the wall and eating it
  8. Ever seen those two brothers on the TV show COPS who huff paint?

  9. I don't know if it's that, people are just curious. Never refuse an experience.
  10. Nah man you gotta smoke that shit.
  11. I used to believe in this, but it only takes once. I will be saying no to the nutmeg 'experience'.
  12. Il show you an experience with a 12 foot rod and some Vaseline?
    Wanna refuse that?
  13. nope havent seen that episode. but when i was in highschool i had to be put in a treatment home for smoking weed.. i was in there with kids who would scrape paint off the walls.. they loved huffing whatever could get them high.. i would sit there and think "im being compared with this"
  14. ah hahahaha... yes i have to refuse that
  15. nutmeg will get you messed up if used correctly. must be grinded up mixed with some butter. then chug it. its going to be super gross. melted butter is nothing fun, but im tellling you if you can handle it about 8 hours later you'll be part of the mile high club.
  16. u need to take so much of that shit just to feel it, and it also has a very high chance of you overdosing just by trying to feel it completly... doesnt sound liek you took to much but still do shrooms or some shit if u want to trip that stuff is disgusting
  17. yyea ill try a larger amount later, but i dont know anyone to get shrooms from so gotta look for other things...
  18. yeah shrooms are bitch to find around here to lo

    stick to pot if anything
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    fuck nutmeg, one time when i was a kid i was melting an army man in my basement, i leaned over the smoke and blacked out for a second, it was crazy.

    now every once in a while i'll chip off a few pieces of army man and throw em in a bowl with sum weed. then i eat the melted plastic/resin, idk the eating of it gets u high its just a tradition haha

 totally kidding by the way...

  20. hahaha omg u got me dude i was about to be like this kid must be retarded hahaha +rep though for making me laugh

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