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Ate raw weed and got stoned as hell

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tabora587, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. First thing first, I don't smoke much. I used to be an everyday smoker, but for some reason more than a hit makes my whole body clench up, my neck and shoulders get stiff, I get myofacial pain... So for the past few months I have barely smoked at all, meaning I don't really have a tolerance anymore. The only thing I've taken that helps with the pain mentioned is actually CBD oil. Yesterday I was out of oil and wanted relief, so I tried grinding up weed and putting it in two capsules. I ground up somewhere between .2-.4 grams. I took it on an empty stomach. About two hours later I cooked a pizza in the oven for dinner. While eating it, I thought to myself "why the fuck do I feel stoned right now?" and over the next ten minutes I kind of settled into a very intense high. My muscles felt clenched like they do when I smoke and I felt really out of it. I couldn't believe how high I was. The weed I ate is very fresh, smells potent, and is extremely sticky, but I still don't understand why...or how I got so high. I decided to rest my body for a couple minutes and ended up falling asleep and waking up 9 hours later!

    I do know I am a very slow metabolizer of most anything that goes through my liver, but I take a supplement that is supposed to help with that... Furthermore, I don't know how I was able to get high because everything I'm reading online says I would have had to heat it to feel anything... But I know how high I got and I know the only cannabis I took was ground up fresh and taken orally! I've been interested in juicing raw buds medicinally for a while, but there's no point in doing so if it gets me stoned and triggers the muscle pain I'm trying to treat!
  2. Hey broski, sorry you are having those issues. I would like to say that you'll get far more out of your ganja if you decarb it before eating. The heat from your oven will activate the ganja by transforming all of the THCA into THC. this in turn will make all of the good stuff bio available so the potency goes through the roof. It means it's going to take far less ganja to get high when you eat it.

    Break your ganja up, bake it in a preheated 240*F for fourty minutes, remove and let cool. That's it. It's ready to eat. It's best to mix decarbed ganja with just enough coconut oil to get it a little soupy. THC binds to fats so it will hit you faster and harder. You can also add sunflower lecithin (1 tspn per eighth of decarbed ganja) as it is an emulsifier and helps THC bind to the fats in coconut oil.

    Look around in the edibles part of the forum. Also I would say both BrassNwood and psychadealicsam both have refined edibles down to the Nth degree and everything you need to know and do has been almost perfected by those two users. Enjoy broski !!!
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