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Ate Dabzilla Edibles and felt nothing after 3 hours

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by yungsuv, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. 500 mg dabzilla edibles.
    I ate half a gummy and felt nothing after an hour so i ate 3 full gummies.
    2 hours later I still do not feel jack shit.
    Is this brand good or shit? anyone heard of them?
    Imma be pretty pissed if its the brand because they smelled like weed and i had that weed aftertaste after i swallowed it so i don't think they're fake and the packaging looked real and official.
    I'm also a heavy ass smoker I've smoked probably everyday for the past 2 months and i mainly smoke dab carts. I'm also new to edibles so I don't know how much is gonna get me high and its why i tried just half a gummy at first.
    Probably gonna end up just eating like 5 more and see if i trip the fuck out. I haven't been really high in a while because my tolerance to dab carts has grew a lot. Can anyone tell me if that a good idea or I'm just retarded and should wait for it kick in because everywhere I go it says 2 hours MAX and it should've kicked in.
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  2. Where did you get the edibles from? A legit dispensary or from a dealer??, You should have been fucked up eating 500mg.. most people start with 10mg then wait 1-2 hours before eating more

    Also smoking tolerance has nothing to do with edible tolerance dude, you should make your own edibles & then eat a 1/4 & wait 1-2 hours before having more, being high on edibles is nothing like just smoking :confused_2: if you eat too much there's nothing u can do apart from ride it out :laughing:

    & Edibles can take anywhere from 40 mins to 5-6 hours to kick in that's from my experiences anyway :laughing:
  3. It says the whole package is 500mg and i had like 4 gummies out of like maybe 25 in there.

    I also got it from dealer so yeah that's why I was more sketch. But the package was vaccum sealed and shit and I dont think the dealer I buy from has the means to do that.
    I'm guessing he just buys from dispensaries and sells them but I dont know for sure so I could just be wrong
    Anyway, I guess ill wait the 5-6 hours and after that if they havent kicked in im bout to eat like 5 more. Hopefully I do not end up like the memes lmao.

    I did also eat the edibles while I was very hungry so i assumed the edibles would kick in faster?
    I'm just pissed because everyones claiming edible highs are amazing and i'm trying to feel like that
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  4. U died 2 hours ago
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  5. #5 yungsuv, Jul 29, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
    Sadly not yet.
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  7. It could be either a CBS strain or a 1:1 strain the dont get you. Higjjjj.
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  8. On the package is says I quote
    "500mg very potent do not use with heavy machinery or vehicle."
    so i guess its a shit brand and they lied?
  9. You gonna be looking like this if you eat 5 more lmaooo
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  10. Well thats what i'm tryna do then I guess
  11. 500mg in 25 gummies is 20mg each. You ate a half which is 10mg, then 3 more gummies which makes it 70mg. If you're a heavy smoker that may not be enough.
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  12. Dispensary edibles can be crap.
  13. So how much do you think I should do and when?
  14. Sorry, it's all about tolerance. I can't tell you how much you need any more than you could tell me how much I need but if it was me I'd pack it in for today and smoke a bowl. Tomorrow I'd try 100mg.
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  15. Aight, yeah i was planning on just saving it for tomorrow and eating 8 at once and seeing what happens. Thanks anyway everyone
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  16. That was me laying on the floor of a restaurant in the middle of Mexico City after eating a brownie. Ate the whole thing in a matter of seconds, an hour later i had tunnel vision, blacked out, head hit the floor, woke up with vertigo for the whole rest of the day.
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  17. 25-30 mg do me real well for 4-6 hrs
  18. That's about what I take. For about a year I was taking 3 times as much as I take now but after a month tolerance break when I started again I started very small like 15mg which worked about right but slowly I've increased my dosage. When I get up to about 50mg or so I'll take another break.
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  19. Damn I've never had that kinda reaction to weed/edibles dude.. I've ate enough where my heart beat has got faster & my eyes got red as fuck but that's about it :laughing:
  20. I have the same after eating 2 caps of my homemade hash caps. After 3 weeks of tolerance break I underestimated them and I ended up laying on the floor asking my self will I survive it... but I wont do that mistake ever again!

    Edit: I dont know how much mg my caps are... in one cap I get 0.05g hash - 2caps equals 0.1mg of premium hash and 1 cap is more than enough for me!

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