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Ate a meal with some cannabutter..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Captain K, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I ate a meal right before I ate my cannabutter, how long does it take for the cannabutter to act in?
  2. You ate raw cannabutter? Haha.

    Umm, I'd say about an hour or maybe thirty minutes. I never ingested marijuana with food before... so don't take my words for it. Also, I believe it depends on how much Marijuana you put in the butter.
  3. well it's gonna take longer than normal and you may not get as high cuz the cannabutter is lumped in with all that other shit you ate. The best time to eat weed edibles is roughly 45 mins after eating.

  4. 0.75 worth in the butter I ate with my toast. I had a meal, then I ate the toast with butter ... It's been bout an hour .. Not feeling anything yet .

  5. hmm... Just don't feel "down." That can kick the "high" sensation right out.

  6. really depends on your metabolism.

    but like mentioned above, eating it with food will lessen the effects/make them longer to come about.

    If you don't feel anything after 2 hours, you did something wrong.

  7. Well.. The butter tastes gross, so I know it's right. I ate another toast with .4 worth in the butter, so ... well .. if it kicks in sooon .. Im gonna be FUCKED. Lets hope for the best. :)
  8. If it you don't feel something after 90 minutes after congesting, then you're doin it wrong

  9. Im eating wrong? LOL?
  10. Shit bros, Im feeling a buzz, The weed I strained out from the butter mix and washed, and let dried .. I kinda smoked a little bit .. no taste or anything but I dunno .. Imma sell it to my bud for $5 a g. :D Hah, well .. im feelin the butter . A bit .. we'l see bros. :D
  11. Fuck that. Selling weed that you have used already? Especially selling it to your "friend"? Bitch move.

    Good luck, hopefully it works, but dont sell that shit especially not to a friend. What kind of friend would you be

  12. lol, not eating wrong, just made wrong. Not saying you did, just if you didn't feel the effects.

    I know for me if I ingest any sort of drug after eating a meal, it takes a while to kick in, but never more than 2 hours.

  13. Not really a FRIEND. Just a dude.. I wouldn't do a dick thing like that to a true homie.
  14. Why would you do a dick thing like that to anybody at all?

    What kind of stoner are you, what happened to PEACE & POT :smoke:
  15. It's only a dick move if you lead the person to believe the weed wasn't already used for making cannabutter. Tell the guy, or else in a few days there's going to be a post on these forums about some dude who got weed from this guy he knows but it doesn't taste right.

  16. LMAO. You made me laugh so hard dudeee
  17. I know for me, I can eat an edible made with nice dank (indica or sativa) and not feal anything IF I only used a small amount for it. IE under a gram for a firecracker or canna pb, I would try using cheaper pot and more weed. IE 2 or 3 grams of mids will destroy me, compared to 1g of dank not doing shit.
  18. This is just my opinion, but, unless the edibles are REALLY strong, edibles suck...

    Don't make the misconception that if you eat as much as you smoke, you'll get just as high. It really takes much, much more when eating THC. And, the high that you get from edibles is a really stoney and lazy high.

    I like spacey high thoughts, so, I'll stick to bonging up sativa buds. :bongin:
  19. Semi disappointed .. didn't feel high. No slow mo... just a bit buzzed for a couple hours .. maybe that .75 worth in the butter was destroyed by the food. I'll try .75 in a tea sometime .. butter tea. :D
  20. Yeah, that is a bitch move to sell dud bud to anyone especially someone you call a friend.

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