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    Hello all - this will be my first "Real Life Story" for you GC folks, I think it's good enough to post in here.

    My girlfriend's sister left the country for a year, and had a cup of CannaButter that she gave us. Me and my girlfriend smoke pretty often, but we haven't really tried edibles too much.

    That Fateful Night
    This past Saturday, two of our friends came over, Ron and Ashley. We've known this pair for a long time, Ashley went to high school with my GF, Ron went to college with Ashley. They both smoke a lot, and are absolutely hilarious to be around. We had planned for them to come over on Saturday night for quite a while, and they would spend the night at me and my GF's apartment because they both live pretty far away.

    Knowing that Ron and Ashley both love weed, early in the night we suggested making edibles. Ron and Ashley were both very excited, as were my GF and I. We opted to make double chocolate chip cookies, and having cooked quite a lot, the cookies turned out amazing. We made about 24 cookies, and used 1/2 a cup of CannaButter. We had no real idea about the strength of the CannaButter, only that it was made from medical marijuana in Colorado.

    When the cookies were done baking, we all ate one. Ashley then mixed herself a rum and coke (she prefers to drink more than get high, especially on a Saturday night). We hung out for a while in our living room, just talking about random shit. After about 30-45 minutes, Ron and I concurred that we weren't feeling anything, so we each ate another cookie. My GF had a bite of my cookie, so really I only had like 3/4 extra.

    At this point, my memory starts to go a little bit hazy. I know that I got up and had another cookie with Ron, and that at this point, we realized that some of Ron and Ashley's friends were going to be passing through town, and wanted us to go meet them for dinner. Ron had eaten 3 cookies at this point, as had I. I knew that I was in no state to drive, but Ron said he was fine driving.

    We are all still hanging out in the living room, and I am laughing at pretty much everything. Every time we all start laughing, we just cannot stop. I end up crying with laughter because something was obviously so hilarious - the type of laughter where you have to stop and force yourself to breathe. Halfway through one of these laughing fits, I realize that no one else is laughing (oops) and that Ashley is literally sitting on the floor crying her eyes out, all the while saying "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I'M CRYING". This kinda sketched me out, since she wasn't crying w/ laughter, but was literally bawling on the floor. I thought at the time (and still do) that this was a mix of the weed cookie and the rum and coke she was drinking.

    After about 5 minutes, Ashley gets control of herself, and Ron says we should probably leave to go to the restaurant. I was absolutely gone at this point, and me and my GF both agreed that we didn't want to go - not only would we be completely freaked out by having to drive 20 minutes somewhere (we live outside Washington D.C. and the drive would be on a major 4-5 lane highway) but we would also feel incredibly awkward in a restaurant and meeting new people - this was probably one of the best decisions we made all night.

    So Ron and Ashley hop in their car and ride to the restaurant while me and my GF stay in our apartment. At this point, I am getting higher in wave after wave. I was sitting on the couch with the most extreme couch-lock I have ever experienced. I couldn't get up, and when I tried to sit up I got incredibly dizzy. My girlfriend was talking to me about how she was worried about Ron and Ashley getting safely to the restaurant, and even though I could understand what my GF was saying, I couldn't put a sentence together to respond. At one point my GF looked at and said she literally had no idea what I was talking about - it probably took me about 5 minutes to put together a response to that.

    All the while, I am sitting on the couch trying to get control of my high. I know that my girlfriend is feeling high as well (having 1 and a quarter cookies - her tolerance is quite a bit lower than mine) and she was incredibly nervous about our friends. Once I gained the ability to talk, I kept saying that as long as Ron and Ashley got to the restaurant they would be fine, because they definitely weren't going to drink anything since I'm sure they felt the exact same way we were feeling (we didn't want to eat, drink or do anything that involved imbibing substances).

    Luckily, Ron and Ashley made it successfully to the restaurant. They had an absolutely terrible time (Ron told me later that he literally sat at the table with his head in his hands for about 45 minutes while trying to control his high). They got back to our apartment safely, and we sat around for a while discussing our experiences.

    I am very active on this forum - I don't post much, but I read lots of the threads that go through here. I know that it takes a while for edibles to hit you, and that's why they can be a little more "dangerous" that just smoking (as in, you may get completely blitzed without meaning to).

    While I have read tons about edibles, I had no idea how long it would take for it to hit me. It ended up taking about 45 mins - 1 hour to start feeling real effects and probably peaked about 2.5 hours after eating. I absolutely shouldn't have eaten that 3rd cookie, as I was already really high about 1.5 hours after, and knew that I was going to get even higher.

    I can unequivocally say that this is the highest I have ever been in my life. There were quite a few negative things going on around me (not wanting to go to the restaurant, slight nausea, nervous about friends being safe), but I managed to hold on so that I could make my experience a little more positive. In the end, everything worked out, I got insanely blitzed and now know that 3 cookies will knock you out.

    Ate 3 CannaButter cookies, got the highest I've ever been in my life, didn't know if I was going to make it back to reality, will only take 2 next time.

    Anyone else had any experiences similar to this? I still have about 1/2 a cup of the Cannabutter left, so any suggestions on good recipes would also be welcome. We still have a large amount of cookies in the freezer, but I like to plan ahead :)
  2. Well worth the read, a lot of people underestimate the power of edibles, but theyre great when taken in the right dose. My first time I ate way too much as well, being young and stupid, and had a similar feeling.
  3. A buncha lightweight babies. Pull it together
  4. I ate two grams of dank and tripped harder then i ever did on acid/robotussin. Puked all over my bed then passed out for like 10 hours. :metal:
  5. yeah dude great story but u really made yourself seem dumb by only waiting 30 minutes and grabbing more edibles.

    every edible takes 1 hour to take effect, really strong ones that are going to fuck you up hit you at the 45 minute mark

  6. Argh, I know! You are definitely right. The thing that fueled my want for more was because we didn't know the potency of them. I should have stopped at 2, but by the time I was eating the 3rd my judgement was clearly out the window. I just didn't realize that I would keep getting higher for the next 2.5 to 3 hours lol.
  7. Dude me and my GF made brownies the other day and went a little overboard as well! Still awesome though, I want to make edibles again soon. We were on a flight too haha and going through security and everything, it was pretty trippy

  8. Right about here is where I just lost it. Haha, oh well, hope the experience doesn't turn you completely away from edibles OP. :smoke:
  9. edibles get you fucked up man its best to eat them then wait like a hour, this one time i ate a cookie then took bong rips cause i didnt feel anything and like you say i got extremely high

  10. We have at least 12 - 15 cookies in the freezer. I couldn't possibly be turned away from eating them :)
  11. You should eat three more and go watch John carter or something trippy

  12. Is it bad that I would rather eat 6 and not watch John Carter than eat 3 and have to watch that movie?
  13. A girl brought over some rice krispies last 420. just before she got there we each ate about 2 brownies. we started smoking and just got hungry as fuck and started eating these rice krispies. turns out they weed in them :)
    I love me some edibles. So tasty.
  14. [quote name='"terpsnation"']

    Is it bad that I would rather eat 6 and not watch John Carter than eat 3 and have to watch that movie?[/quote]

    Nope. Fuck 'edgy' Disney movies
  15. [quote name='"terpsnation"']

    Is it bad that I would rather eat 6 and not watch John Carter than eat 3 and have to watch that movie?[/quote]

    Haha nope not at all but IMO any movie should be good on three edibles
  16. I'm a pretty big lightweight and still remember my senior prom night when I ate a very potent pot brownie after at my friend's house and it was enough to keep me pinned on the couch and hiding underneath pillows (that was when I was still kind of a beginner to pot and got high very sparingly, I don't think that would happen to me again if I did the same now).

    The worst part about that time was I was in a basement surrounded by 10 or 15 drunk high schoolers who normally don't drink so they were all being super loud and bouncing off the walls and it was too much for me to take.

    I eventually just ended up falling asleep but had to leave the house at 7:30 in the morning because my friend's parents wanted the house cleared. Never have I been as tired driving that morning as I have in my whole life.

  17. If I felt the same way as I did on Saturday, my attention would not be focused on the movie at all :p Maybe I'll settle for 2 plus a movie - The Matrix, or LotR or something.

    I would have fallen asleep if I was driving at 7 am the day after. No way, no how. I woke up at 11 and thought the world was ending - I could barely lift my head off of my pillow. My damned GF was sitting up next to me reading - dunno how she does it.

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