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ate a 420 bar and was almost dead

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by strainbank, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. i tried a cheba chew and didnt feel anything, wasted $15. then tried a 420 bar for $25 and was almost in a coma. i dont even get baked anymore. anyone tried a strong edible they didnt expect would put them in their place?

  2. They always hit late and hard good for night time and still wake up baked lol
  3. Lol no not yet but I'd like to feel that way soon.

    SeNt FrOm My•🌟☆GaL@x¥ $5☆🌟•
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    Always read the label carefully... the 420 bar probably had more mg of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) than the cheba chew, which (if true) would explain its stronger effect on you. I like 10mg edibles personally, but your mileage may vary as they say...
  5. I once ate a half oz of avb mixed with a gram of kief in one sitting, once it kicked in I literally didn't move for 6 hours apart from to lift a bottle of water to my mouth and change the Netflix program.
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    I made some brownies recently with avb, each one containing about 3g. Needless to say they hit like kimbo. I still have never been "too high" from an edible. Might be time for some 6g brownies

    Edit: after posting this i went into the freezer and ate a slightly (lol) larger piece of brownie (probably 5-6g worth). Think i finally found my max dose. I fucking love edibles.
  7. Went to a concert a few years ago and made a batch of brownies for the occasion. Put an ounce of some dank into 15 brownies, ate 4 of them which equals roughly 8 gs all at once, and proceeded to have an AMAZING night. No regrets, was one with everything around me. Still never been 'too high' off weed.
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    I wouldnt say Too high but I usually get pretty baked with edibles. The bars I get from the dispensary are 200mg divided in to 10 squares. Usually I east a square or two, smoke a bowl, wait a while, eat another square or two, smoke another bowl and so on. Somewhere around 100mg and a couple of hour in things start getting quite interesting.

    Looks like cheeba chews either come in 70, 100, or the deca dose 175mg mg where as the 420 bar is 180 mg. I betting like the other poster said your cheeba chew was either 70 or 100 mg and the bar is 180. Doubling the dose is certainly a way to get a more intense buzz.

    Ive noticed a difference in product quality even at the same mg though. I think it comes from some producing edibles with iso, some with bubble, some with co2, and some with butane. An edible with 100mg of top quality oil is going to be better than another edible that has 100mg of poorly made product. Like any other industry out there some are good at what they do and some not so much.

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    I made a chocolate cake before with 25gs of chemy Jones trim and the oil/weed mix was like a paste ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1435916970.373895.jpg

    I ate a big piece because I wanted to get hammered and well I did get hammered, I was kinda like kush said, but I couldn't even move for the remote, for like 2 hours I was driven in time welded to my bed haha awesome tho
  10. Dang, 5mg of a gummy and I am heading to bed lol. If I take too much I get panic attacks. So I use a small amount
  11. Edibles always seem to act differently depending on your mood, how much you've eaten that day, and when you take it.

    I've also noticed that some edibles have a very dull body high that you never really notice if you aren't being active. You don't feel stoned but once you get up and move around you realize you're whole body is moving slow.

  12. I usually make batches of really strong coconut oil (Thanks badkitty!! :D) and a few weeks ago I decided to skip baking the brownies and just straight up chug a shot of the oil lol
    It was 1fl oz which contained around 1.5g of super dank grandaddy purp....and in about an hour, lets just say jesus took the wheel [​IMG]

  13. Did you eat both edibles one after another when the first one didn't work? Or are you saying you tried one one day and the another on a different day? Cause if you ate the first one and didn't feel anything and because of that ate the other.. I could see a mini coma happening. I did something like that before.. wasn't feeling the first and then thought I'd just eat more and then it was too much. This was before I learned that a lot of people need to smoke a lil bit after eating one to give it a kick start.

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