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Ata Tundra/ seedsman

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by joe_fresh, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. just wondering if anyone else has grown this strain?

    and what the true lineage is?of the parents?

    heres what i got from the breeder:

    This f1 hybrid is one of the most interesting in our seed range. It is a cross of two pure lines coming from different geographic regions not very well-known in the cannabis world. One parent comes from Alaska, home of the famous Matanuska Thunderfuck. This line is pure indica and shows good resistance to frost thanks to its origin. The other parent comes from Kazakhstan, a wide region that extends from north Afghanistan between Uzbekistan and Russia, neighbouring China in the east. This parent is similar to the Afghani Kush, with a lemony smell typical of the Citral of Pakistan. Growing Ata Tundra you can see many of the characteristics of both these parent plants. Our hybrid is 100% indica. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is our quickest flowering strain; finishing in around 45 days or outdoors towards the end of September. Its optimum THC level is around 20%. It produces large, lemon scented compact buds. The hardiness of this plant coupled with its early maturation and ease of growth make it perfect for guerrilla cultivation techniques.
  2. wish i could help joe, can't say i ever grew a single seedsman seed before...sound's nice though..i love my afghan strain's ..
  3. so far its lookin nice and smelling spicy, baught 3 seeds, got 3 fems and out of that got 2 pheno`s, one thats tall and lanky that looked like it would be good as a one cola plant, so i trimmed all the side branches and left just the main branch, the other 2 are def some short squat wide plants, but they dont look like theyre going to yield much
  4. i got ten out ten popped seeds from seedsman top 44! good smoke but all it did was make me hungry after awhile! i got the mix and some auto`s this time! i really didn`t want to pass on ata tundra but one post i read somewhere said..... grow a real plant!!! so i took his advice and germed some white willlow! good luck!

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