At work today.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Solid State Society, May 3, 2011.

  1. I made this rage comic to sum up my day
  2. workin' hard as shit bro
  3. Wow! I've never seen a comic that deserved a TL;DR

    But that sounds like an epic day.
  4. [ame][/ame]
  5. Lmao at the top right pic where hand is coming outta the mouth. And you like milfs that are cross eyed?
  6. Hahaha, I bet you have a tumblr
    You just used every meme they have

  7. lol no i don't got a tumblr. but i was inspired by reddit haha
  8. You sing gorrilaz to when you drive?!

  9. I looooove the song 19/2000. it was that song when I was growing up.
  10. best thread ive opned on gc. good job op

  11. Beat me to it! That album was the Best.
  12. The ending was epic lol.

  13. amazing im lost for words

  14. haha ya that was one of the best parts of this story, this is like the funniest shit when i came back and read it high! Get the coooooool get the cooool shoeshinee! :smoke:
  15. So did you score or what?

  16. I wish. "Le sexy milf 2" was definitely a stoner.
  17. ...What are you, gay?

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