At what point should I switch from veg nutes to flowering?

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  1. Hey all.

    First timer here. Been a strange and rewarding journey since I acquired this plant just about 6 weeks ago. See my post history if you are interested in that bizarre tale.

    Anyway, this is a total outdoor grow in Colorado. Days are just a skitch over 14 hours at this point and my girls are starting to show some real signs of flowering:

    Is this still considered pre-flowering? My real question is when should I switch to nutes for flowering. Currently doing FF Big Bloom and Grow Big. Assuming I'll switch to Tiger Bloom when it's time since FF has been doing me fine thus far. I don't think we are going to be close to 12/12 here until at least mid-late sept, but it does look like something is happening already.

    Thanks for the insight.

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  2. Now would be an alright time to Switch to bloom nutes. Just watch her and make sure she takes it well. she could more than likely use the extra phosphorus at this point.

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  3. I continue with a little nitrogen along with bloom these first couple of feelings...
  4. I usually switch whrn the girls stop stretching after i flip to 12/12 (back when I grew in hydro and had to mix nutes).. happy growin bro

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  5. What strain is that? Looks exactly like my Chernobyl plants. Mine started with the white hairs too. The indicas have none.
  6. When outdoors plants will generally flower long before 12/12 man. That really doesn't apply when outdoors. I'd start giving it bloom now, she's definitely in transition/early bloom.

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  7. The person who said continue with a bit of veg nutes during stretch is because they are still focused on veg not flowering so it's best to give em a little of each. They still benefit from the higher doses of N during the first 2 weeks or so. And yeah outdoor plants should start to flower at around 13.5-14 hours or so give or take... hell I've been running my indoors 13/11 just fine.. I'll probably drop back to 12/12 the last week.

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  8. Yes you are actually 100% correct and thank you for correcting my mistake I am currently in that transition period myself and have been giving them both veg and bloom and will continue to for about another week. I'm glad you caught my mistake and corrected it as I was not thinking LOL

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    I use Canna Terra Nutes and switch as soon as 12/12 begins..Canna Terra Flora has 2% Nitrogen and I have not seen any problems..OTHER THAN IN MY WALLET (Canna is expensive!) LMAO.
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  10. Double post, sorry
  11. Yeah canna is definitely on the expensive side LOL, but you get what you pay for. If I was to grow indoors that is without a doubt the line I would be using for sure. A good buddy of mine uses it with absolutely phenomenal results and refuses to touch anything else. I am hoping to start an indoor grow within the near future and look forward to trying Canna products personally. By the way your ladies look great keep up the good work

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  12. Been giving her some Botanicare 1-4-5 pure blend pro on recommendation from the dude at the local hydro store starting this week. Feeding schedule has been kinda messed up because of unseasonable rainy-ness in Colorado, but she still seems to be responding well. [​IMG] mmmmm sooo good!

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  13. Forgot to mention I'm still giving her the FF Big Bloom organic food during the transition too. All looking well so far.

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